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B Stock Purchasing

If you have slightly used or even brand new merchandise that you want to expediently dispose of and a sell solution seems like the right fit we can help you. Between us and our partner network we can purchase your B Stock and will protect you from cannibalization and gray market difficulties. We will design a solution that gets you the most reclamation value while also giving you the peace of mind that your brand and reputation are being protected at all times.




Personal Electronics Purchasing

Personal Electronics Purchasing

If you have B or even C stock personal electronics that you just want to sell we can work with you to price and purchase that stock and also provide you guarantees that it won't show up on a secondary market. We purchase personal electronics to break them down into reusable components that will be wiped of any branding or identifying markings and then uses those components to make new products overseas. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the most value from your used personal electronics.

High Value Non-Electronics Purchasing

If you have equipment, precious metal containing items or other high value non-electronics that you would like a quote for selling off we can help you. We will examine your stock and make a determination if there is a market and what we can purchase it for. We provide 100% transparency throughout the entire process and if we purchase your items will provide you the guarantee of brand and corporate marking removal.

High Value Non-Electronics Purchasing
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Hassle-Free B Stock Selling

Selling your B Stock to ReverseLogix is hassle-free. We offer a range of B Stock solutions to meet your needs, no matter the size and unique inventory status of your business, as well as the industry you’re in. Whether you want to sell wholesale or not, we have a solution to help. The result? Increased operationalefficiency for your excess inventory and improved recovery rates.

For more information about our B Stock solutions, call us today.