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How Reverse Logistics Saves Money

When a customer returns a product using a return policy, the product enters the reverse logistics supply chain. Most businesses have a basic setup here that includes the ability to complete a return, but far fewer have a system that fully unlocks the value of this chain – and many companies mistakenly take time away

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How Returns Analytics Benefit You

Here’s something many retail business owners and managers aren’t aware of when it comes to returns: A high percentage of frequent returners are also frequent purchasers, research shows. What does this mean for the way you should run your returns management services?At ReverseLogix, we have the answers to questions like these. Through the use of

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How a Liberal Policy Lowers Returns Rates

At ReverseLogix, we’re proud to be your top option when it comes to all returns management services. We can help cut overhead and streamline processes so that your company benefits from your returns policy rather than suffering from it.It may surprise many to learn one trend we’ve discovered over the years: While it may seem

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Dangers of Subpar Returns Management

At ReverseLogix Logistics, our returns management services are designed to streamline your returns processes. Our returns management software handles many of the time-consuming areas that businesses often get bogged down in, and we help you stay on track with orders and returns no matter the time of year.Without our services, what kinds of issues might