Our Customers

Our clients are diverse group of companies. To meet the omnichannel demands of today's marketplaces, each company must have a highly efficient logistics network. Our clients work with us not just because we provide them cutting edge technology or exceptional service, but because we help them optimize every part of their logistics network.



Suunto Oy

Suunto is a dive and sports watch manufacturer based in Finland. They are considered the best dive watch manufacturer in the world and one of the largest sports watch companies. As part of Amer Sports group they ​are sister companies to Wilson Sporting Goods, Louisville Slugger, Arc'teryx, precor and numerous other brands.
Suunto had been using an internally created Returns and Repair management system for many years. The technology and the process the technology were built on had begun to show their age so they contacted us to see how we might help.
Suunto wanted to not only improve the customer experience but also the experience for their distribution channel partners that performed 3rd party repairs while making it easier to expand globally. Because of these requirements a Cloud based service that could be used both internally and externally securely was a requirement.
We worked with Suunto to first define their Reverse Logistics network and the numerous processes that compose it. After determining the points of optimization in their network we were able to configure our Returns Management Module and Repair Management Module to provide them a portal for use internally and externally, a RMA management system, and a repair Management system. We also worked closely with them to ensure they were able to provide the necessary information to their parent company and finance teams.
Suunto now uses ReverseLogix in over 100 countries worldwide.

BNSF Logistics

BNSF Logistics is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. BNSFL is one of the fastest growing 3PLs in America and they pride themselves on their innovative project based approach to solving logistics problems. With customers like Wal-Mart, Dell, and Amazon the demands to excel are great.
BNSFL was looking for a solution to assist them with their growing Warehouse, Kit and Consolidation and assembly business. Not only did they need to streamline their fulfillment and storage operations, but also needed to ensure they could provide the visibility into inventory and operations their customers demand.
We worked with BNSFL to first define the process optimization they needed to enable them to manage projects for each of their customers separately and securely, but utilizing the same system to simplify the experience for their associates
After creating the optimized network for them we configured our Warehouse Management Module, Shipping Management Module and Asset Management Module to control inbound and outbound inventory, manage work in progress during their assembly of specialized equipment.
BNSFL uses ReverseLogix for not only the control of work within their warehouses and project centers, but also to invoice their customers and provide them with business intelligence and reporting that they had never been able to provide before.