ReverseLogix Leadership
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David Houser

Chief Revenue Officer

David leads revenue operations at ReverseLogix in the ‘Trillion’ dollar space of Returns Management, or RMS. He is a global supply chain expert leading diverse sales and operations teams around the world. An investor, speaker, guest lecturer, and revenue operations leader, David brings a wealth of knowledge to the team at ReverseLogix. For the past 20 years, David has continued to lead global teams at Oracle, HighJump (now a Körber AG and KKR portfolio Company), and Navis – all leaders within the supply chain execution, port management, ERP, and cloud operations space. David has continued to be at the forefront of leading these global organizations and helping them to transform to the contemporary environment of subscription and cloud deployments. David holds a BS in business/international business from Appalachian State University and sits on the board of advisors for supply chain, marketing, and technology within the University. When David is not leading the business or volunteering at the University, David enjoys travel, hiking, and biking with his wife Pam.