ReverseLogix Technology is built on a scalable, multi-tenant architecture on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The system is the most configurable platform on the market today. It allows you to have role-based access, whether you are a customer support rep, warehouse agent, administrator, approver, or any other interactive role of your choice. It extends to all mobile devices and has dynamic APIs and micro-service enabled for integrations with multiple ERPs, CRMs, and other systems. Combined with robust analytics with trend analysis and deep reporting, ReverseLogix is the most advanced returns management technology on the market.


Leveraging ReverseLogix will allow your enterprise to have a dynamic system designed specifically for managing your end-to-end reverse logistics. The system is deployed quickly and allows you to have multiple partner and systems integrations with real-time feedback at a variety of milestones in the process flows. With its global reach and advanced process visibility, it allows you to provide exceptional customer experience. Having this centralized solution caters to all your omni-channel needs and supports cross-functional organizational requirements. Having ReverseLogix as your system of choice will give you the competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing returns world.


Our value-added services focuses on providing you an optimized logistics services solution. We believe that the key to an effective solution is to drive inefficiencies out of the process first and then design a solution based on the optimized process. As such, our services offering will cover improvements in your physical/3PL partner network via our technology customizations, tailored specific to your needs. Traditional 3PLs and other physical providers are unable to provide these technology improvements as their focus is primarily on physical requirements, leaving technology an afterthought. We can help you improve your physical returns handling, disposition, B stock, brokerage, pickup/consolidation through our custom technology services. Coupled with our highest level of consulting expertise in the reverse business, ReverseLogix is your partner of choice for having a world-class reverse business.