RMA Management

ReverseLogix is a centralized, cloud-based SaaS solution designed to fit every aspect of your returns and after-sales care management.

ReverseLogix empowers you with a web based, device independent, highly scalable and customizable platform, which can be integrated with any of your existing enterprise applications.


RMA Management

As more people conduct business online, there are more products shipped from retailers to customers (both B2B and B2C), and there are also more products going back to the retailer as returns. If you don’t have a comprehensive returns management authorization (RMA) software, your returns process could be a lot harder than it needs to be.


Customers today demand access to information, and a returns management solution that allows them to request a return, receive instructions, and view the status of their return is essential. These portals can provide your customer with peace of mind knowing their returns are on the way, and keeping track of important next steps for their exchange, warranty repairs, refund, or store credit. You can provide customers with a seamless and exceptional experience, all while managing the returns efficiently on the back end to avoid delays and inefficiencies.


Every business is different, so your RMA solution needs to be flexible to accommodate your specific needs. The right RMA software also must be powerful enough to properly track all your returns authorizations depending on your specific workflows. With our solution, you can enter specific information that helps move returns through your processes smoothly so returns are resolved quickly, customers are happy, and staff can easily perform the necessary tasks to get items back on the shelf for sale or dispose of them properly.

You can also customize roles within your company so each person is able to see and address specific tasks that fall in their functional area. Restrict views to individuals based on tasks so people only get the information that’s relevant to the work they are performing.


As with many different areas of your business, the more you can automate the returns process, the more seamless and streamlined it will be for your staff and your customers. Certain steps will still require manual handling, but by automating things like customer notifications or reminders for internal team members when a returned item is stalled in the process can dramatically reduce turnaround times and improve the flow of goods through your reverse logistics process.


While some returns are inevitable, having good information about what products are coming back and the reason for the returns could help you identify problematic issues with suppliers, product quality, sizing, or demand. Getting this information in a timely manner with easy-to-read reports can drive decision making and help you maximize profits while minimizing returns.

It’s also important to track information in real-time through your system. Simple dashboards and reports provide information about which RMAs are at which stage of the process, so you can identify potential bottlenecks or allocate resources to areas where they are most needed.


Contact ReverseLogix today to see our RMA Management portal in action, and find out how easy it can be to streamline this essential part of the returns process. Our modular system allows you to build the specific reverse logistics software that will meet your needs, adding more functionality as your business scales up and grows over time.