Reverse Logistics Solutions for Oracle

Many brands and companies look for a SaaS platform that can provide a seamless eCommerce experience on the back end for your team but don’t think about how well the process works on the front end for your customers. Integrating ReverseLogix with a powerful eCommerce platform like Oracle allows you to build relationships with your customers that go far beyond the moment they click “purchase” on your site.

ReverseLogix offers businesses from small startups to large enterprises the opportunity to create a branded buying experience on your website. The Oracle reverse logistics integration adds:

This year more people will be shopping online, which means retailers can expect more returns.
  • Accurate order tracking from the instant the customer needs to make a return
  • Seamless return materials authorization (RMA) process to help you combat fraud and verify returns before they arrive at your warehouse or store
  • Automated communications that keep customers informed about the status of their return without the need for manual emails or contact from your team
  • Business intelligence with advanced reporting to help you understand your reverse logistics process better and improve it in the future


The process to connect your existing Oracle suite with ReverseLogix is simple. We offer a turnkey solution that is ready to deploy immediately and can be up and running in a matter of days. You can use it out of the box or customize it to meet your specific needs with the help of our customer service team.

Find out more about our Oracle reverse logistics solution by contacting us today to schedule a demo.