With the digital revolution well underway, large retailers need a way to provide a better online shopping experience. Customers expect to be able to shop at any time on any device, and Salesforce eCommerce tools are the ideal enterprise solution to make it happen. ReverseLogix integrates fully with Salesforce tools to help you manage your reverse logistics process just as well as you manage your initial online sales and forward logistics.

Reverse logistics is a critical piece of any eCommerce software stack, and with the volume of returns that companies experience—which can top 30 to 40% for some online stores—it’s more essential than ever. A smart retailing experience for your business and your customers means:

This year more people will be shopping online, which means retailers can expect more returns.
  • Creating a unified shopping experience from your site to your checkout process
  • Personalizing the customer journey with branded marketing and communications
  • Delivering seamless support after the purchase if someone needs to return or exchange an item or send something in for warranty repairs
  • Track information on returns and manage them internally to improve processes and reduce the total cost of returns


Our software solution is the perfect option to pair with Salesforce for your reverse logistics needs. It includes a full suite of reverse logistics services, including:

  • Returned materials authorization (RMA)
  • Customizable returns portal
  • Warranty management
  • Shipping and package tracking
  • Return to vendor
  • Disposition management


To find out more about ReverseLogix and our Salesforce integration, contact us to schedule a demo today.