Like many other industries, retail companies must be prepared to handle both forward logistics that get products to your stores for consumers to purchase and reverse logistics to accept returns and maximize value for returned goods. The reverse logistics chain can be complex, but with the right software from ReverseLogix, you can easily manage all types of returns and reduce the hit to your bottom line.

Inventory Management Solutions

Properly managing inventory in your stores is essential for maximizing profits. Whether you are a single-location retail shop or a multi-location network of stores with centralized warehousing and distribution, our software can help you track and manage all the items for sale. Staying on top of your inventory rotations ensures the right movement of products to your store shelves and minimizes waste from seasonal or perishable items that must be sold in a specific timeframe.

Minimizing the Cost of Returns

Nobody likes the idea of returns, but they are a reality for today’s retail stores. While there is nothing we can do to eliminate returns entirely, having the right tools can minimize the total cost of returns. With ReverseLogix you can:

  • Verify purchases to minimize fraudulent returns
  • Label and track returns throughout the entire disposition process
  • Track items that can be returned to the vendor or manufacturer and group shipments to save money on freight or shipping
  • Coordinate returns from multiple locations to a centralized inventory location
  • Shorten the time it takes to move items from return back to the shelf when possible
  • Automate many of the steps that employees were doing manually
  • Remove bottlenecks that were slowing down returns
  • Create accurate and timely reports to review your returns and spot trends and patterns (manufacturing deficiencies, slow sales, inaccurate sizing, etc.) that help you minimize future returns

Software for Hybrid Online & In-Store Sales

In today’s online shopping environment, even retailers with established brick-and-mortar locations often still benefit from selling some products online. For those retailers, the reverse logistics process can become even more complicated. A streamlined software solution that helps you manage end-to-end reverse logistics seamlessly in a single database can help. Our software will help you manage inventory for both in-store and online sales, track returns and quickly organize them to be able to sell in a store or online, and provide accurate and up-to-date information about your products at all times so you can confidently sell things online knowing you will be able to meet customers’ demands.


Find Out How ReverseLogix Benefits Retailers

We work with retailers to make SRO easier and reduce the amount of time it takes to either get a returned item back on the shelf for sale or returned to the vendor (RTV). Learn more about how we can help your retail store manage reverse logistics by scheduling a demo today.