Setting Basic Reverse Logistics Priorities

Setting Basic Reverse Logistics Priorities

As we approach the holiday season, it’s time for companies of all types and sizes to prepare for potential returns increases. For those looking to improve their returns processes, a logistics consulting company like Reverse Logix Logistics is the first place to go.

When we work with clients on all areas of return logistics, one of our primary approaches involves asking a simple question: What are your priorities? Different business will have different areas of returns logistics they want to emphasize or improve, and targeting the desired goals is a great place to start. Here are some basics.

Getting Started

The process of operational returns can really be broken down into two parts: Reverse logistics (transportation, basically) and returns processing. Both of these impact cost and customer satisfaction, the two largest drivers of business.

Top Priority

As you look to make improvements in this space, the first step is finding your main priority. If your business has been struggling with customer satisfaction, for instance, you might make this your main driver. From here, you’ll ask a simple question: Which parts of returns logistics contribute most to your priority area?


Many people consider transportation the easier side of this business, and if you hire the right logistics consulting company, they’re often right. A reputable company with experience in returns transportation can handle all your needs here without major hassle – however, if you’re dealing with a company that struggles with these relatively simple logistics, there’s a good chance they’ll also struggle in other areas.

Returns Processing

The majority of returns costs are in the returns processing area. You have to consider expenses for administrative customer contact, upfront returns authorization, status requests and refund returns processing. You also deal with physical processes like receiving, checking, stocking and shelf handling. There are also hidden costs like product value erosion while returns are being processed. For many companies, one of these areas is the top priority within reverse logistics.

Customer Satisfaction

A reliable returns cycle doesn’t just impact costs, it improves customer satisfaction. Both you and your customers need reliable, speedy options here – the primary goal of these processes is to not have to spend too much time thinking about them.

To learn more about how to improve these services for your business or find out about our reverse logistics service, speak to the pros at Reverse Logix Logistics today.