3 Reasons Warehouse Employees Love ReverseLogix RMS (with examples)

Case Studies, Point of View
Delivery man scanning package barcodes in a van

Warehouse and DC employees are the heart and hands of your operations. When it comes to handling and processing product returns, their speed and competency counts for everything: How fast a customer gets a refund or credit, how easily an exchange is made, and how smoothly a product is inspected and resold.

The ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) speeds up employee work, making your operations more efficient and employees’ tasks more enjoyable. An RMS facilitates and manages all returns processes from start to finish, guiding employees through workflows with intuitive instructions empowering them to make the right decisions at the right time.

Amer Sports: Easy to Learn during Crunch Time

Amer Sports is a global sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands like Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic and Wilson. Employees love using the ReverseLogix RMS to process returns at Amer Sports’ Winter Sports Distribution Center.

“Within 2-3 days our agents were conformable with [ReverseLogix],” said Scott Allington, inbound and return goods supervisor at the DC.

To begin the inbound return process, the employee simply scans a tracking number that is associated with the customer’s account. Customer notes about the return are also visible when the number is scanned. ReverseLogix displays the product image, which helps employees quickly confirm the item visually instead of searching through product numbers.

Thanks to this intuitive RMS, Amer Sports scales up for the busy holiday season lightning-fast: Employees learn the system quickly, whether they are on-boarding as a new team member or filling in from another department. Even during this high-pressure crunch time, ReverseLogix makes the work easy.

“I can train people without a lot of explanation,” explained Tyler Hill, returns lead. “They can get into the software and look at it and it will make sense to them. So I can bring in staff from other parts of the warehouse, train them up for the times we need them, and then let them go back to their normal duties.”

Genesco: No More Switching Between Systems

Genesco Inc. is a footwear focused, specialty retailer and the parent company of brands such as Journeys and Schuh. It selected the ReverseLogix returns management system for its largest facility that spans a half-million square feet.

“Journeys [chose] ReverseLogix because we can go into one system and not have to do three or four other systems that we were doing previously,” said Erin Johnson, senior returns and vendor compliance manager.

Everything is completed in the ReverseLogix platform. As a result, employees have slashed the time required to process a return to one-fifth the previous time.

“Satisfaction both internally and externally was evident on day one,” said Leif Revere, director of distribution center systems.

Global Supply Chain Management Company: Makes Work More Enjoyable

A global shipping and receiving supply chain management company piloted ReverseLogix at its EMEA warehouse locations. Not only was it easy to train the operators on the system, the feedback from those end-users was reported as “very positive.”

The company was looking for an RMS solution that not only served customers, but benefited employees too. It wanted a tool that employees would enthusiastically learn and use. In the end, they reported that ReverseLogix created “more enjoyable work” for employees because instructions were easier to understand and tasks were faster to execute in alignment with their standards.