Reverselogix Platform

Optimizing Returns Management through Smarter Reverse Logistics

At ReverseLogix, we believe that reverse logistics solutions must optimize the entire supply chain by delivering simplicity, flexibility and visibility.

We are the only end-to-end returns management system that fully integrates with other supply chain solutions to facilitate, manage, notify, and report on the entire returns lifecycle.

A screenshot of returns management software

While many aspects of the world’s supply chains have become more automated and digitized, reverse logistics have largely been ignored. Companies may rely on a WMS to manage a few parts of the returns process, while others cobble together point solutions that are “good enough.”

Few supply chain solution providers were taking a hard look at the complex needs of retailers, ecommerce brands, manufacturers and 3PLs.

ReverseLogix saw the need to not only solve the returns logistics puzzle, but to optimize it. The result is a purpose-built returns management system with configurable and flexible workflows that serve B2B, B2C and hybrid environments.

Today, our customers capitalize on the total transformation and optimization of their reverse supply chain.

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