An RMS Purpose-Built
for Retail

Whether you serve consumers or companies, whether you operate brick-and-mortar stores or are an eCommerce hybrid, product returns are impacting your enterprise.

It’s essential that today’s retailers handle the full lifecycle of returns efficiently and cost-effectively. Customer loyalty depends on it. Your profitability depends on it. Your operations depend on it. Your corporate sustainability goals may even depend on it. You and your customers both want a fast and easy returns process.

It’s why ReverseLogix is the trusted partner and solution for retailers. Our returns management system (RMS) makes a customer’s returns process as enjoyable as the shopping experience. With fast and easy returns, you strengthen brand loyalty, generate more referrals, and achieve higher lifetime customer value with an automated returns process.

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One system. End-to-end returns management.

The ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) helps retailers manage the entire returns journey, make the experience easy for customers, ensure timely communications, and gain deep visibility throughout every step. The single platform integrates with other supply chain systems to guide, orchestrate and gather data on the lifecycle of each return.

  • Returns processing, repairs, return-to-vendor, customer portals, returns merchandise authorization (RMA) initiation, automated customer notifications and much more.
  • Set up rules and policies to incentivize exchanges over refunds, retain revenue, and keep customers coming back.
  • Speed up returns by automatically approving, rejecting, or flagging returns and exchanges for review based on conditions you set.
  • Prioritize customer convenience with return options they’ll appreciate: Drop-off locations, box-less returns with QR code, sustainable options, etc.
  • Configurable workflows drive a faster returns process, standardize tasks and improve accuracy
  • Centralize/analyze returns-related data to inform the purchase experience and create happier customers who ultimately keep more of their purchases
  • Leverage intelligent routing to efficiently send returns to distribution centers, repair centers, third-party vendors, secondary markets, etc.

“Within days of starting up ReverseLogix, we saw an ROI.”

-Leif Revere, Director of Distribution Systems, Genesco

Learn how this retailer used the ReverseLogix RMS to achieve:

  • A near-immediate ROI
  • Faster returns processing times
  • Better capacity forecasting and planning
  • Very happy customers
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A Single Solution to Automate and Standardize Retail Returns

Automate, guide and streamline even the most complicated returns. Make returns easier for employees and customers!

ReverseLogix integrates seamlessly into your tech
stack for total visibility.

Minimize controllable returns. Identify resale, repair and recycling opportunities. Support sustainability goals.

View, track and manage everything. Business intelligence helps you unlock trends, inefficiencies, and data to improve operations.

Calculate your ROI Input your cost variables, returns volume and time estimates to reveal how fast you could see an ROI with ReverseLogix!

Smarter returns. Smarter business. Happier customers.

Empower customers with immediate communication. Equip your team to work efficiently, optimizing processes and gaining valuable returns data to deliver a world-class customer experience. Get a clear view of what’s coming back, when it will arrive, and what needs to happen when it gets there.

  • SaaS-based, operating on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Highly configurable and role based
  • Automated customer alerts and messages
  • Customized tasks and workflows for various return types
  • In-store or third-party partner return capabilities
  • Return-to-vendor capabilities
  • RMA initiation
  • Product and policy validations
  • Repairs module
  • Warranty checks and management

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