An RMS Purpose-built
for Retail

It’s essential that today’s retailers have the ability to effortlessly handle the full lifecycle of the returns process in order to optimize operations and maximize profits. See why ReverseLogix is the trusted partner retail turns to in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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An end-to-end returns
management solution

For retailers, properly managing inventory is critical for driving revenue. Whether a single-location retail shop or a multi-location network of stores with centralized warehousing and distribution, managing the returns process can be a constant challenge. We built the ReverseLogix platform to help retailers manage the entire returns journey while gaining deep visibility throughout every step. With ReverseLogix, you can track and manage all items for sale, stay on top of inventory rotations, optimize operations, and minimize waste from seasonal or perishable items that must be sold in a specific timeframe — all within one intuitive platform.

Retail benefits:

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Verify purchases to minimize fraudulent returns

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Coordinate and streamline returns from multiple locations to a centralized inventory location

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Generate accurate and timely reports to review your returns and spot trends and opportunities that help you minimize future costs

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Automate many of the steps that employees were doing manually

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