Returns Management Tracking & Analytics

Real-time tracking and insights across the entire return journey.

Scanning and tracking packages
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“Every Person” Analytics

Democratize your data and operation insights so everyone can increase their impact.

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Customizable Dashboard

Flexible, configurable dashboards that always show what’s most important upfront.

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BI on Every Screen

Go beyond static visibility to access actionable intelligence for better decisions.

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Role-based Reporting

Maintain control with role-based access to accounts and reduce your business risk.

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Gain Insight & Edge

See real-time data on what really matters to improve how you sell, position and restock.

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See the full picture

Gain top-down perspective and breakdown your returns composition to discover trends.

Analytics at the Forefront

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Realize Value Faster

Quickly adopt and benefit faster in 4-6 weeks, not 3-6 months.

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Reduce Complexity

Businesses without visible RMS analytics have 10 – 42% more complex returns lifecycles.

“We’re finally able to see the big picture behind our returns. It’s been a gamechanger to be able to discover specific problems in our workflows and then dig deeper on how to resolve it.”

– ReverseLogix Customer, Management Sector

Returns Management Tracking System

ReverseLogix is built with meaningful metrics and game changing insights in every module. With end-to-end returns management and best-in-breed tracking and analytics, ReverseLogix is the solution to unite all your existing business technologies and deliver metrics and data to every team member.

Gain total visibility across the entire returns journey and optimize performance to stay competitive and increase your edge in real-time. Operationalize all your data so it’s usable and understandable. Access customized reporting based on departments, user roles or locations so that distributed teams can always stay in-sync. Put ReverseLogix in your hands and unlock more value from every return.

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Unite your data, gain visibility and leave nothing on the table.