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Returns Management

Businesses are complex, but returns don’t have to be.

We founded ReverseLogix to empower businesses with a purpose-built returns management system (RMS) engineered to perform and designed to delight customers throughout the entire returns lifecycle. ReverseLogix not only solves the returns logistics puzzle, we optimize it. Find out how we make happier customers and better businesses the outcome of every return.

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Our Story

Managing returns is a real challenge for businesses. They’re disjointed, unoptimized and negatively affect customer relationships. When done right, returns management can be your market edge and your biggest [secret] superpower. Smart returns transform a disappointing hassle into a positive experience and loyal customer, and minimize loss and maximize business intelligence at every point in the supply chain.

ReverseLogix was founded to be the “smarter returns” RMS – engineered to optimize the entire returns management lifecycle for the business and the entire return ecosystem – so customer relationships and top line growth only improve with returns.

Today, leading brands in every sector are scaling their businesses and outperforming competitors with ReverseLogix. Ready to make smarter returns a part of your business’ edge?

We’re on a mission

To help every business achieve unfair advantage in their marketplace through smarter returns that delight and deliver.

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Why ReverseLogix?

ReverseLogix is the #1 leading software platform for End-to-End Returns Management. Discover how you can optimize operations, create loyal customers and continually drive top-line revenue with a scalable solution that connects all the moving parts in the return ecosystem.

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Single intuitive platform that effectively connects and manages the entire returns lifecycle

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Highly configurable, role-based solution that lets every worker do their job better than ever, from the warehouse to the repair shop

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Reliable and scalable SaaS platform with zero hardware requirements

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Works with every system and channel in your business, including B2C, B2B, returns processing, RTC, repairs, and WMS

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Learn and optimize from every return with valuable business intelligence with integrated analytics and reporting dashboards

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World-class customer support from returns management experts dedicated to and passionate about helping you do more with smarter returns

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Totally open API and two-way integration with existing systems and workflows

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Modernized returns processing empowers customers to process faster, while optimizing resources and gaining valuable insight

Our Pillars of Value

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We believe software should be simple and intuitive. Every part of our platform is built to empower and equip every user, so that the C-suite to the warehouse can easily navigate and leverage ReverseLogix to work smarter.

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SaaS should be flexible, extensible and scalable. We know smart businesses evolve, so easy configurability and adaptability are at the core of our platform, ready to handle your challenges today and tomorrow.

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You’ve got to see your business to improve it. We capture and connect every bit of data in your ecosystem so that you always have the full picture in front of you. Purpose-built analytics dashboards then help see where and how to improve that picture.

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Cost Efficiency

Automate and scale returns processing. Optimize logistics and warehouse operations. Maximize net recovery across channels.

Who We Are

Empowering businesses to transform their inventory returns into competitive advantage is at the core of who we are. We’re not building “good enough” solutions that check the box, we’re returns experts with decades of experience and passionate about providing our customers with the RMS that enables them to hit the gas and grow their business like never before.

Meet the minds behind the better returns movement here at ReverseLogix.

Smarter Returns
Smarter Careers

Want to be a part of building innovative solutions that empower and equip businesses to streamline and scale better than ever? Join the ReverseLogix team, as we continue to shape how businesses can compete and thrive in the global economy and online marketplace.

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