Efficiently Manage Returns. Improve Returns Profitability.

Returns don’t have to be a drain on operations. Reduce the cost of returns management with best-in-class reverse supply chain technology from ReverseLogix. Connect your entire supply chain ecosystem to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of a return!

ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end returns management system (RMS) that serves B2C, B2B and hybrid organizations. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, eCommerce business or 3PL, the ReverseLogix RMS optimizes returns processing at every stage, both on the consumer side and in your operations.

Slash costs by leveraging real-time returns analytics to make smarter business decisions and unlock more value. Open up warehouse capacity so team members can work faster and smarter. ReverseLogix enables you to get ahead of problems, such as identifying product or operational issues that are causing inefficient and costly returns.

Unlock value. Minimize retail return costs. Get new levels of operational visibility, and make every return faster and easier to process!

How Mismanaged Returns Cost Your Business

Poorly managed product returns cost businesses money, labor and customer loyalty. Manual returns processing eat up valuable time, require more team members, lower the potential resale value of an item, and ultimately frustrate your customers.

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The cost of managing a return is 17%-30% of the item’s prime cost

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+16% of all retail sales are returned

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Up to 30% of eCommerce sales are returned

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Return rates are growing faster than revenue rates for 91% of retailers

Many companies use multiple point systems to manage returns. Or even a warehouse management system instead of a returns management system. Point systems or a WMS can’t fully manage every stage of a return; this prevents automation, speed, and the ability to track the true cost of returns management. In fact, our Reverse Logistics Technology Survey found that 77% of respondents don’t know what returns actually cost their company. About 80% of retailers responding to another returns management report said their return costs are “significant to severe.”

How ReverseLogix Reduces the Cost of Returns & Improves Margin

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Customer Returns Portal & Automated Alerts

Make returns automated and easy for customers! Our fully branded portal makes it simple for a consumer or business to start a return or exchange. Automated notifications keep them updated on its status.

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Configure and Automate Complex Workflows

Help team members work faster with an easy interface and more automation. Remove extra manual tasks from their workload and lower online return costs. Hear how these warehouse team members doubled their productivity with ReverseLogix!

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Integrate with Supply Chain Software Ecosystems

ReverseLogix manages and reports on every part of the returns lifecycle because we can integrate with key supply chain software, including OMS, WMS ERP, TMS, and many eCommerce and POS platforms. Get unprecedented visibility and data into your returns processes and areas for improvement.

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Auto-Route Returns

ReverseLogix is the only RMS that can take in complex rules and auto-route returns. We do this uniquely well due to our end-to-end returns management capabilities. The RMS can be configured according to a multitude of rules, including those specific to a facility or store location.

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Measure Sustainability Efforts

Automatically optimize shipments to reduce emissions and the environmental impact of each return. Set rules around repairs or exchanges based on sustainability goals. Track your progress toward a greener supply chain.

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Real-Time Data & Analytics

Only ReverseLogix gives you deep insight into return data and costs. Customize reporting by department, user role, or location to keep your teams in sync. Learn how to avoid and prevent returns when possible. Get data and reporting in every module, queue and order.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! Hear directly from our customers about how ReverseLogix RMS saves them time, money, and increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction!

“I don’t know where our life would be without ReverseLogix right now.”

– Scott Allington, Inbound and Return Goods Supervisor, Amer Sports

“ReverseLogix basically gave us the value that having two more rockstar customer specialists would have provided, but it’s all automated and never takes a sick day”

– ReverseLogix Customer, Retail Sector

ReverseLogix Return On Investment Calculator

Calculate Your ROI
with ReverseLogix RMS

Fraudulent or inefficient returns will cost your company in labor, warehousing, waste, and customer loyalty. ReverseLogix helps with all aspects of returns management. Use our ROI calculator to reveal your own cost savings!