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Only the ReverseLogix Returns Management System (RMS) has the visibility and power to be the technology foundation for your recommerce program. Our Recommerce Module lowers your return management costs, drives new revenue streams, and enhances sustainability efforts. Whether you have a B2C, B2B or a hybrid operation, ReverseLogix supports recommerce programs for smarter returns, a better planet, and happier customers.

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80 percent

80% of Gen Z have bought pre-owned goods

127 percent

127% growth in secondhand fashion market by 2026

25 percent

25% reduction in carbon emissions by purchasing used clothing instead of new

ReverseLogix Supports these Recommerce Programs

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Pay or credit customers for used products they give back. Resell them on your website or a third-party marketplace.

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Maximize recovery value by selling products with minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections.

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Recycled Items

Take back customers’ used products for recycling or downcycling to a third-party.

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Take back customers’ used products and resell them on your brand’s eCommerce site or on a marketplace site. Achieve sustainability goals while saving money!

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Recommerce programs are especially effective for retailers of apparel and fashion, consumer electronics, tools, sporting goods, appliances and fitness equipment.

The Cornerstone of your Recommerce Program

The ReverseLogix Recommerce Module smoothly handles the complexity of your recommerce program. Purpose-built for returns and recommerce management, ReverseLogix’s data helps you optimize decision making to get the most out of every return.

ReverseLogix RMA Orders dashboard
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Smart returns decisions

ReverseLogix integrates with core supply chain software, including WMS, OMS, TMS and ERP. So when it comes to recommerce, you’re equipped with unprecedented and integrated insights for best managing returns based on the category, item type, and condition.

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Owned or third-party marketplace integrations

Instantly post items to your branded storefront, or use our out-of-the-box integrations with popular marketplaces (eBay, Amazon) to synchronize in-store and online sales.

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Customer portal

Fully branded to mirror your look and feel, the ReverseLogix customer portal can offer cross-selling opportunities for customers making a return.

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Automatic listings

Set up rules and standards to automatically direct returns to a recycle or refurbishment program, or instantly list the return (at the calculated price) on your recommerce site or third-party marketplace.

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Customizable analytics dashboards

ReverseLogix offers unmatched, real-time tracking and metrics across the returns journey. From start to finish, you can gather, analyze and apply insights. Here are just a few…

  • Returned merchandise resale percentage
  • Total product costs
  • Recycled product vs waste
  • Distance traveled per returned item
  • Per-item handling costs
  • Disposition cycle time
  • Value from resale revenue

The Benefits of a Recommerce Program Built on ReverseLogix

Why Innovative Brands Offer Recommerce Programs

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Lower  Costs

Increase the value of returned items in secondary markets. Understand recovery costs and how to connect returned inventory to the right channels.

Align and Accelerate Sustainability Efforts

Lengthen product lifespans, improve recycling efforts, reduce transportation emissions and minimize packaging waste. Smarter returns, better planet!

Uncover New Customers

Many young consumers shop nearly exclusively for secondhand apparel and footwear because the lower price point gives them access to higher quality goods while minimizing their consumption footprint and reinforcing their social credentials. Build a new revenue stream on this customer shift that’s here to stay.

Rock-Solid Customer Loyalty

Customers are hungry for recommerce options, especially from high-quality brands like yours! Give them options to purchase your products at a reduced rate, while building their loyalty and a greener supply chain.

Stronger Control

Maintain control of your brand, reducing counterfeit products with total visibility into recommerce and restock opportunities.

Maximize ROI

Product returns don’t have to be a burden. Resell items to the right customer, support your sustainability goals, and understand the KPIs needed to lower return costs.

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“Our decision for ReverseLogix was driven by the idea of having an end-to-end solution for the whole process flow, covering the needs of our consumers with a state-of-the-art returns process for our operational needs.”

– Kai Bahlmann, Vice President of Warehousing at Amer Sports

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