Making Returns Management More Efficient and Less Costly for Manufacturers

Successful manufacturers are giving customers a consumer-like shopping experience: Easy eCommerce purchasing and fast shipping. But making a return and managing a return are still complicated activities in B2B manufacturing. Using ReverseLogix’s Returns Management System (RMS), manufacturers can streamline returns processing and transform a return into a customer service opportunity.

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Streamlining the returns
for everyone

Manufacturers must balance increasingly complex return management factors, from monitoring costs to addressing repairs to maintaining inventory levels. With ReverseLogix to facilitate, manage and report on the entire returns lifecycle, manufacturers gain full visibility into the returns process and control over every step.

How Manufacturers are Transforming Returns Management

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Minimized costs with rules, approval policies and standardization across the network.

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Easier customer returns process with a fully-branded “consumer like” returns experience, plus automatic return updates and notifications.

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Real-time insights and detailed visibility across your product catalog and individual SKUs.

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Improved speed for reorders and replenishment opportunities.

ReverseLogix customers have saved millions of dollars by avoiding over-crediting and vendor policy abuse.

Returns management, simplified

ReverseLogix’s RMS provides access for owned facilities and third-party partners to receive, and process returns. Standardize tasks and keep everyone in your network in sync.

Deliver a vastly superior customer experience, save employee time with faster workflows, and increase profits with 360° insight into your returns data.

  • B2B Customer Return Portal
  • Create customized tasks and workflows for various return types
  • RMA Initiation, ASN Upload
  • Multiple Return Types & Returns Reasons
  • Blind Returns
  • Warranty Checks, SLA Management
  • Product and Policy Validations, Entitlements
  • Account Policies, OEM Contracts
  • Image Capture, Discrepancy Management

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