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Today, eCommerce is where and how most business gets done. Discover how growing brands are using ReverseLogix to deliver standout customer experiences and continuously drive the bottom line, no matter the point of purchase or return method.

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Reliable, simplified returns

Returns should be as straightforward as the purchase for your customers. Managing the reverse supply chain can be a constant challenge for eCommerce, resulting in inconsistent policy enforcement, frustrated customers and revenue losses. ReverseLogix’s end-to-end RMS is purpose-built to make your returns a competitive advantage and market differentiator, allowing you to maximize repurchase, realize more ROI from returns and continually improve with powerful BI and data analytics.

eCommerce benefits:

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Easier customer returns processing with a fully-branded “online shopping” like returns experience

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Keep customers in the loop and reduce customer support time spent on status updates with automated return notifications via portal, text and email

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Improved speed for restock, repurchase and replenishment opportunities

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End-to-end network visibility into returns and repairs, down to the individual SKU

Online returns deliveries cost companies $550 billion annually.

(Source: Forrester)

Discover smarter returns by seamlessly integrating with the most popular sales and logistics platforms

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