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Smarter, Faster eCommerce Returns Management Software

Today, eCommerce is where and how most business gets done. B2C, B2B, and hybrid eCommerce brands choose the ReverseLogix returns management platform to deliver standout customer experiences and continuously drive the bottom line. From flexible customer return options to standardized workflows for employees, you can make returns management smarter, faster and less costly.

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A Returns Management System that
Transforms the Returns Journey

The rapid rise of eCommerce purchases has brought a dramatic increase in product returns. Online returns averages nearly 21% and some product categories approach 30%. An efficient, flexible returns management system (RMS) manages the entire returns journey so you can better handle the products coming back. From start to finish, it coordinates and streamlines every aspect of returns and after-sales care management.

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”

-Director of Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

Learn how this global retailer used the ReverseLogix RMS to achieve:

  • Better integration and visibility across systems and 3PL partner systems
  • Accurate inventory and efficient sorting
  • Quicker returns and dispositions
  • Detailed insights
  • A fast ROI
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Consistent, Simplified Returns Management for eCommerce

Lower return costs, identify return trends faster, and maximize repurchase opportunities with unmatched business intelligence and returns data analytics.

Create process automation rules to streamline returns decisions for employees. Automatically approve straightforward returns, and ensure consistency and enforcement of policy rules.

Make returns easier for customers with a fully branded, hassle-free returns experience, plus automatic return updates and notifications.

Rely on a single returns platform to view, track and manage everything. ReverseLogix integrates seamlessly into your tech stack for total visibility.

A Lightning-Fast ROI

ReverseLogix returns management system can be implemented and integrated in weeks, not months

A unified platform for smarter eCommerce returns

The ReverseLogix returns management system is the industry’s only end-to-end, purpose-built RMS with
configurable and flexible workflows that serve B2B, B2C and hybrid environments.

Get a clear view of what’s coming back, when it will arrive, and what needs to happen when it gets there. Pinpoint return trends to minimize controllable returns, lower costs of uncontrollable returns and improve profitability.

  • SaaS-based, operating on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Highly configurable and role based
  • Customized tasks and workflows for various return types
  • In-store or third-party partner return capabilities
  • Return-to-vendor capabilities
  • RMA initiation
  • Product and policy validations
  • Repairs module
  • Warranty checks and management

Discover smarter returns by seamlessly integrating with the most popular sales and logistics platforms

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