How to Prevent Return Fraud
with ReverseLogix

Catching return fraud is like any other security scenario: You need a watchful eye at the door to stop the act before it starts.

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Stop returns fraud with ReverseLogix!

Good returns management is good fraud management. Stop criminals trying to take advantage of you, including:

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Switching or upgrading scams

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(removing valuable electronic components and returning the shell)

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Suspicious lost receipts or fake receipts

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Returning shoplifted items

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Using system delays for twice the refund

(e.g. initiate an online chargeback while returning the item in-store)

The ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) is your partner in reducing return fraud.

You get visibility into the item’s purchase history, detailed product information, and customer profiles. ReverseLogix enforces return policies, guides your team on detailed workflows, and alerts them to inconsistencies.

ReverseLogix catches return fraud by managing and orchestrating every aspect of returns management, ensuring workflows and policies are repeatable and standardized. With integration and visibility into supply chain systems like OMS, WMS and others, ReverseLogix is your watchdog for suspicious activity and inconsistent products and features.

Give your honest customers a fast and easy returns experience while putting safeguards in place to stop return fraud.

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The Dangers of Online & Retail Return Fraud

Return fraud happens across eCommerce and retail industries, whether B2C or B2B (to learn about common types of fraud, read What is Return Fraud?). In other words, if you allow returns of your product, you’re probably dealing with some type of in-store or online returns fraud.

Return fraud is costly to companies and risks losing the trust of your loyal customers, who could end up buying a bad product that was resold. False chargebacks, items purchased with stolen tender or incomplete electronic devices all deplete a company’s financial and team resources that should be focused on delighting customers (the vast majority of whom are honest).

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Fraudulent returns have grown 385% between 2018 and 2022.


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30% of B2B businesses lose 3.5% or more of annual sales revenue to fraud.

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Return rates are growing faster than revenue rates for 91% of retailers.

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Learn More about Return Fraud

Most companies hit a peak season for product returns – and return fraud – during the holiday season, when warehouses and DCs are flooded with products and seasonal team members may not have the experience to catch questionable products. But it’s important to be on guard year-round, using an RMS to set clear rules and policies that help the team prevent return fraud.

Don’t let the bad apples cut into your bottom line, loyalty and team morale!

Case Studies & Success Stories for Reducing Return Fraud

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Global Appliance Company Combats Counterfeit Returns with ReverseLogix

A global appliance company implemented ReverseLogix RMS, which revealed that some returns were counterfeit. The company revised its return requirements to be very detailed, and standardized processes across its distributor network. It caught fake returns, identified customers who abused the policy, and saved significant money.

Audio Technology Company Enhances Returns Management with ReverseLogix

A B2C/B2B audio technology company chose ReverseLogix to manage its end-to-end returns processes. With serial numbers, product images, and detailed product descriptions clearly displayed on workflow screens, the warehouse team can more accurately match returned products with inventory. Customer service teams have customers’ purchase history and communication history all in one system, giving them instant access for verifying purchases and payment methods.

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ReverseLogix Return On Investment Calculator

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Fraudulent or inefficient returns will cost your company in labor, warehousing, waste, and customer loyalty. ReverseLogix helps with all aspects of returns management. Use our ROI calculator to reveal your own cost savings!