Returns Management: A Win-Win for 3PLs and Customers

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“Returns have rapidly evolved into a critical factor in satisfying today’s eCommerce customers, prompting retailers to seek out partners like DHL Supply Chain to help implement and execute efficient, fast and cost-effective returns.”

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Returns management is a high-value service that offloads your customers’ burden of managing product returns. 3PLs that offer returns services help customers more easily manage returns processes, save money, and gain new insights into the “why” behind return volumes. Returns management is a huge differentiator and value-added service for 3PLs that think beyond picking, packing and shipping.

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Many Customers. Many Demands. One Platform Manages it All.

3PLs are perfectly positioned to take over reverse logistics services for customers. With the ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS), you gain a purpose-built technology that gives 3PLs total, end-to-end returns management. Take on customers’ returns while growing profit margins and customer satisfaction – for your 3PL and your customers!

Save customers money: Quickly move resellable products back into marketplace.

Deep data and detailed reports: Uncover business intelligence to inform more strategic, proactive decisions.

Configured to customers’ needs: Meet wide-ranging customer needs with configurable, automated workflows specific to location, customer and product.

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ReverseLogix Streamlines Point Solutions

Easily manage differing returns scenarios and changing needs with a single platform

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Deliver a better customer experience and build brand loyalty

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Improve your profits, enhance your processes, create efficiencies and stay competitive

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Manage customer registrations, coordinate returns and perform both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs

Could Returns Management Services Work for your 3PL?

How ReverseLogix Unlocks New 3PL Business Opportunities

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New Revenue Stream
and Higher Margins

Offer a wide variety of value-added services, such as retagging, light press or cleaning for apparel, or data wiping, component testing and repacking for electronics. Track VAS on the reverse side and monetize services.

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Built for Multi-Client

Configure and automate ReverseLogix for different roles, geographies, and languages. Manage repairs, recycling, return-to-vendor, re-tagging and re-sale.

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Increase Operational

By offering an end-to-end solution, from initiation portal to recommerce or disposition, you and your customers can optimize the full process from labor planning, visibility of returned products, improve return costs, shorten processing time and increase units processed per hour.

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Help Customers Improve
Their Margin, Too

Improving the refund process and visibility of returned products will increase the profitability and cash management of your customer, strengthening your partnership and their loyalty. Your customers grow, you grow with them!

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Drive Sustainability

Leverage business intelligence to support reverse logistics sustainability goals. As the need for circular supply chains increase and sustainability becomes a competitive advantage, take proactive steps to help customers prevent unnecessary returns, facilitate recommerce opportunities, prioritize repairs and recycling over landfills, and minimize emissions and waste.

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Valuable Reporting

Robust, customizable reports for each customer empower you to
provide meaningful and actionable information. Track KPIs and provide automated and in-depth reports, helping you improve transparency and build customer confidence.

3PL Business Case

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A 3PL was using an industry-leading WMS to run its customers’ return processes. With so many customer requirements, the 3PL was paying high fees and waiting months for WMS changes to be completed by the vendor.

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Value created by ReverseLogix

Within a few weeks of switching to ReverseLogix, the 3PL saw an ROI with a unified system that could be configured on the fly.

Increased revenue was generated by the increase of units processed through the building and ability to resell products in a higher margin channel.

New Market and Revenue Opportunities Require Purpose-Built Solutions

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By offering ReverseLogix returns management to customers, 3PLs have
increased revenues 10% – 30%. More profits, higher margins, happier customers
– all while driving sustainability and efficiency.

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