Business Areas Returns Data Can Impact

Business Areas Returns Data Can Impact

In today’s modern business world, returns management and reverse logistics are about more than simply handling returns volume to keep customers happy. Customer retention is indeed the driving force behind a good reverse logistics system, but the best businesses are those who use this process to actively improve their processes and learn from their mistakes.

At ReverseLogix, we’re here to help with this. Within the data comprising your business returns are numerous insights that could improve your business, including ways to reduce the worst kinds of returns and increase profits from the get-go. With that in mind, here are three major business areas that you can view through this lens and use as improvement points based on your returns management solutions.

Buying and Merchandizing

  • Product returns can help you realize when an image, description or some other descriptor is inaccurate or misleading to customers.
  • They can also help identify labeling, size or marking issues.
  • Merchandise sectors can learn about fabrics or other products that are disappointing to customers in any way.

Distribution and Shipping

  • Distribution managers can get help identifying slotting errors, often through a sudden spike that’s seen in the size, color or model involved in the process.
  • If regular damages are taking place based on inadequate packing materials, this pattern can be identified using reverse logistics.
  • Quality control can be improved using customer feedback on perceived defective products.

Customer Relationships

  • Are high-returning customers also buying a lot? Reverse logistics can help you determine this, a huge factor in whether these processes are profitable for you in the long run or whether they lose you money and retention.
  • Reverse logistics processes and input sections also allow you to find out when customers dislike returns processes or find them inconvenient.
  • With enough time, you can eventually view the full impact of any changes you make to your returns policy, including how they impact return rates, retention rates and sales.

For more on major business areas that can be improved through attentive returns management services, or to learn about how our platform can help, speak to the pros at ReverseLogix today.