Common Warehouse Management Issues

Common Warehouse Management Issues

If you’re a large-scale production company that utilizes a warehouse as part of operations, you’ll know how much work goes into properly managing the warehouse. Warehouse management is among our specialties at ReverseLogix, where our systems allow functions like multiple warehouses and omni-channel fulfillment – elements many in the industry struggle with.

What are some of the common warehouse management issues you may be faced with if you operate without a warehouse management system like ours? Let’s look at a few examples, plus how our system will remove these issues.

Redundant Processes

Many “traditional” warehouse practices aren’t truly efficient, and involve employees handling a product multiple times through the natural process. There are times where this is necessary, but on the whole these procedures are time-consuming and do little but increase operating costs.

Our technology, including basics like barcode scanners that barely scrape the surface of our capabilities, will help you remove some of these redundant processes while maximizing how you allocate your resources. This is a fast-evolving industry, and a failure to keep up just means the competition has a chance to get ahead.

Bad Layout

One of the most vital factors in warehouse efficiency is use of space, and especially for large warehouses, poor configuration can have a major impact on profits. Optimal layout factors in both floor space and vertical space, and maximizes the usage of equipment and labor. Once again, a strong warehouse management system can manage many common human errors here.

Demand Fluctuations

Many outside forces might impact warehouse demand, from large-scale issues like recession to singular incidents like seasonal products. Managing seasonality requires timely and accurate information about manufacturing, retail and the industry – proper warehouse management technology eliminates information gaps here.

Inventory Accuracy

Inaccurate inventory levels will lead to things like improper stock levels and buildups of useless inventory, which in turn can trickle down to increased expenses, lost revenue and low productivity. Automation, however, is a huge factor in solving these kinds of accuracy issues. Our systems offer real-time information about stock levels and composition, allowing you to focus elsewhere knowing your inventory concerns are handled at all times.

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