Automate Returns Operations

Create efficiencies and increase productivity with every return.

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Easy & Self-service

Branded portal to let customers easily start and track returns.

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Reduce Errors

Gain end-to-end visibility into granular return and repair data.

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Improve Accuracy

Improve accuracy of intake with automated intake checklists.

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Process Faster

Streamline processing to reduce touchpoints and time to resolve.

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Maximize Availability

Reduce time to restock and maximize active inventory.

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Automate Policy Enforcement

Automatically approve, reject or flag returns based on any policy.

Customer Returns Made Easy

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Easy Implementation

Quick adoption allows you to realize benefits faster with a 4-6 week implementation period.

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More Customer Repurchase

97% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand again when they have a positive returns experience.

“ReverseLogix basically gave us the value that having two more rockstar customer specialists would have provided, but it’s all automated and never takes a sick day”

– ReverseLogix Customer, Retail Sector

Automate Returns Processing

Automate what’s slowing you down and realize more value with a more streamlined, effective returns process. ReverseLogix enables customers to make returns from anywhere with a centralized portal, and allows you to create custom automation rules that streamline in returns decisions. ReverseLogix also enables you to automatically approve straightforward returns based on any sequence of desired rules and automate even the most complicated returns process enforcement. What’s more, ReverseLogix integrates with your entire returns ecosystem across all your 3PL, ERP or eCommerce tools to make automation value reach even farther.

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