ReverseLogix Case Study: Samsonite

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Samsonite close up

Samsonite is the #1 luggage manufacturer in the world and owns the #2 luggage manufacturer, American Tourister. For more than 100 years, Samsonite has created unparalleled products that fulfill the on-the-go lifestyle needs of the business professional.

Challenge: Streamlining and Enhancing Warranty Claims, Repairs Processes

Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet stringent quality control standards. When a warranty claim is submitted, the company aims to give customers the same, stellar experience they had when first purchasing the item.

“We wanted to enhance our warranty process, and one of the biggest things we wanted was a consumer-facing solution,” said Stephanie Kalch, Samsonite’s senior director of customer service of North America.

Samsonite set out to find a returns management system (RMS) to fit its needs. Kalch explained that the RMS had to include:

  • Integration with systems such as Salesforce and SAP
  • User-friendly consumer journey
  • Reporting and ability to track returns
  • Visibility into warranty initiation and the full customer journey
  • Data and reporting to better understand consumer behavior and product performance

Solution: ReverseLogix Returns Management for Warranty and Repairs

“When we met with the ReverseLogix team, we knew we were with the right people to help us get where we wanted to be,” said Julie Senterfitt, consumer experience manager at Samsonite.

Samsonite chose the ReverseLogix returns management system, the only end-to-end returns management system built for B2B, B2C or hybrid environments. The ReverseLogix platform facilitates, manages and reports on the entire returns lifecycle.

ReverseLogix helps clients easily manage consumer warranty claims and coordinate returns or repairs all on a single platform. Its consumer-facing portal makes it fast and easy to make a claim, and automated communications support a seamless user experience.

“When we turned ReverseLogix on, it was instant visibility into the warranty volume that we had,” said Kalch.

Results: Transformed Warranty and Repairs Experience, Scaling for the Future

ReverseLogix has enhanced, streamlined and improved every aspect of the warranty and repairs experience for the consumer, for Samsonite, and for Samsonite partners.

A superior consumer experience

Consumers now have a much easier returns experience that reflects Samsonite’s brand and cachet, beginning with the ability to self-activate a warranty claim rather than contacting a call center or repair center. Automated email communications keep consumers informed at each step, which has reduced call volumes and given customers peace of mind.

Empowering repair partners with better efficiency

The ReverseLogix platform was rolled out to Samsonite partners as well, expanding the efficiencies and benefits across the company’s network.

Daniel Tsveer is a manager at Peter & Sons Luggage Service in Charleston, South Carolina, a high-volume Samsonite repair center. He explained his use of ReverseLogix:

“ReverseLogix allows us and Samsonite to track what parts may need more attention than others, what parts are used more, what parts may be more defective than other parts. It allows us to prepare for what’s coming next. If we’re aware of a specific part that needs more repair than others, we order that ahead of time so we’re ready to go once the consumer ships their product into us.”

Tsveer reports that because ReverseLogix has automated consumer communications for the receipt, repair, and shipment of luggage, his phones are ringing “drastically less” with status inquires.

Tracking accountability

“The experience our customers have with our repair centers is really important to our overall brand experience,” explained Kalch. “By being able to track the productivity of the repair centers, we can hold them accountable not only to quality but also turnaround time to ensure the consumers are getting bags fixed and back in their hands quickly.”

Turning analytics into action

ReverseLogix data and analytics enables Samsonite to see warranty and repair trends across all of their brands. With previous paper processes, the company only has visibility into component usage. Now, they can track data by brand, collection, components and reasons for repairs.

“It’s enhanced our knowledge of how our products are doing out in the real world,” said Kalch. “We can hold ourselves accountable and make sure we’re spending money in the right place.”

Scaling returns management technology

Due to the consumer experience improvements, along with the efficiencies gained across the warranty and repair processes, Samsonite plans to scale its use of ReverseLogix to own all of its consumer touchpoints and communications. Specifically, ReverseLogix will be rolled out to Samsonite’s eCommerce order fulfillment communications and to returns management.

“Our experience with ReverseLogix has been one of the most positive we’ve had of any of our vendors,” said Kalch. “The quality of the product, all the way to the service of the account management and IT team. It’s been a really great experience of on-boarding and developing [the RMS], and ongoing as we’re evolving the use of the system.”