If you deal with a physical product ReverseLogix has a solution for you.

We work with companies of all sizes and types. Each segment has unique challenges and opportunities depending on their focus, but each has a common need to improve their overall logistics network composed of process, technology and people.

ReverseLogix has deep roots in eCommerce.

Our first technology solutions were designed with eCommerce in mind. Our returns management portal and returns management module as a whole will help eCommerce sellers increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while reducing fraud and contra-revenue negotiations.

  • Centralized System.
  • Customer Visibility.
  • Return Avoidance.

We help manufacturers with both forward and reverse logistics opportunities.

Our Technology practice will provide you the tools you need to improve your inbound logistics in your manufacturing and distribution centers and your reverse logistics in your receiving center. We have helped manufacturers with repair activities, refurbishing, storage and project based activities. Our Services practice has helped manufacturers reduce their logistics costs in both people and process by improving their overall network, but primarily in fulfillment and stock rotation operations.

  • RMA Management
  • Centralized System
  • Entitlements

ReverseLogix has deep roots in eCommerce.

Retailers need solutions that enable the quick receiving and placement of product on shelves while keeping inventory levels down and without increasing freight costs. We provide solutions that cater to retailers not only from a product standpoint but also the vast amount of assets needed for brick and mortar stores. We work with Retailers to make SRO easier and lower the amount of time it takes to RTV product.

  • Consumer Returns
  • Inventory Management
  • 3rd Party Integration

3PLs provide numerous services in both forward and reverse logistics

We understand that most 3PLs are project and individual process focused and our technology platform is designed to allow them to insert their services where their customers need while quickly being able to integrate into their customers ecosystem.

  • Service Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Warehousing
Value Added Services