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Making the Returns Experience Smarter

A positive returns experience is one of the biggest factors in whether or not customers purchase from a brand again. ReverseLogix enables you to provide a totally branded and delightfully easy returns process that drives customer loyalty and provides a positive experience from start to finish. Discover how we’re raising the bar on returns.

Branded Returns Portal that Works on Any Device

Make returns initiation easy and seamless using our fully brandable returns portal

Self-Service Returns Initiation & Real-time Returns Tracking

Reduce support center costs and provide total visibility to customers

Convenient & Flexible Return Methods

Allow customer to choose contactless pick-up or in-store drop-offs

Easy Exchanges & Instant Crediting that Drive Repurchase

Enable customers to immediately repurchase or instant merchandise credit

Hassle-free Returns = Happy, Loyal Customers

Current returns management systems (RMS) are clunky and make returns a hassle that negatively affects customer relationships, your brand and your bottom line. With ReverseLogix, every return is a positive and seamless experience and customers are always delighted.

The ReverseLogix Differences

Customer-first Features

Convenience and safety are top of mind for customers today. This means that easy returns processing, simple shipping options and enhanced transparency are a necessity to compete in the online marketplace. ReverseLogix is built with customer-centric features in-mind and business intelligence at the core so you can improve repurchase rates, enhance satisfaction and learn from returns in real-time. Experience the power of smarter returns.

Automated Notifications

Customize our advanced notification engine to automatically notify customers at key milestones in the returns process, using email and SMS (or both!) to improve communication and transparency

Integrate CRM + RMS Data

Bring your customer and returns data together and leverage ReverseLogix’s BI tools to gain total visibility into the returns lifecycle and make better, more data-driven decisions to grow your business to maximize every return, every time.

Seamless Brand Experience

Easily configure ReverseLogix’s returns portal to provide a polished and consistent brand experience that customers can use to register products, initiate support requests, print shipping labels, track their returns and more

Better Flexibility

Return on Behalf (RoBo) features enable you to increase your support network to other retailers, merchandisers and distributors, offering convenience to your customers while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and control the costs of shipping and managing returns

Experience the Benefits

Increase overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
Protect your company’s reputation and reduce risk across the returns lifecycle
Save time and cut costs with streamlined processes, automated workflows and enhanced data collection
Easily scale your brand and connect your entire ecosystem

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