Reverse Logistics System for FedEx

As one of the largest express shipping and logistics companies in the world, FedEx is powering eCommerce for businesses of all sizes. From small mom-and-pop shops online to huge brands, FedEx helps get products from your store to customers’ doors. It’s also an essential part of the reverse logistics process when customers need to return an item.

ReverseLogix is the premier reverse logistics software platform and has seamless integrations with FedEx to help you create a better return shipping experience for you and your customers. Integrating your returns process with FedEx shipping helps customers easily see how and when to return a product, receive notifications about the status of a return, and track packages to alleviate anxiety around returns getting lost in transit.

Implementing organic returns avoidance strategies

Integrating your FedEx module with ReverseLogix helps:

  • Organize all your reverse logistics and shipping information in a single place
  • Simplify the returns process for your team and your customers from RMA to disposition
  • Improve efficiency in your returns process with automated rules that you can customize based on your own operations
  • A large network of returns facilities and convenient drop-off locations for returns


The integration between FedEx and ReverseLogix also provides you with better analytics and detailed reports to understand exactly what is happening as customers ship products back to your facilities for returns. You can make strategic business decisions and find ways to cut costs to reduce the impact on your bottom line with advanced analytics and easy-to-read reports.

Learn more about how ReverseLogix can improve your entire reverse logistics and returns management process today by scheduling a demo.