ReverseLogix Platform

Use data to enhance the returns management journey

Smarter insights mean better (business) decisions. ReverseLogix connects directly to all your business intelligence applications, to deliver powerful BI and data analytics everywhere and to everyone. See meaningful metrics and data on every screen – not just in reports or dashboards.

Get real-time visibility across the entire returns journey and access real-world insight to help you get better and be better with every return. Identify manufacturing or product issues, update sizing guides, improve product descriptions with the data you already have. Learn how you can provide unbeatable experiences for customers and maximize your ROI with data-driven returns management.

Actionable insight
at every step

BI on every screen

See the meaningful metrics in every module, queue, and order. ReverseLogix BI and analytics goes beyond visibility to deliver actionable intelligence that helps every operator make better, more data-driven decisions. No more searching, no more hassle. Optimize your workflows, see what’s working in real-time, and identify opportunities to help you level up your entire business.

Role-based reporting

Make sure that only the right people are seeing the right data and the rest is kept secured. Reduce risk by preventing unauthorized access to accounts, clients, and sensitive financial information. ReverseLogix is built for security, with configurable user roles that lets you decide who can see, change, and edit information in your system.

Easy to customize dashboards

Get business intelligence that’s actually intelligible and usable. You know what data is most important to your business, which is why we’ve made sure ReverseLogix is totally customizable. Create user-friendly dashboards that make it easy for every person on your team to see and make sense of your returns data – and make smarter, more data-driven decisions.

Analytics anyone can understand

You shouldn’t have to be an analyst to understand your returns data. ReverseLogix makes large scale datasets accessible and usable for your business. Collect massive amounts of information and take action, all in one centralized place. Create movement tracking, track scheduling, or generate reports in record time without leaving the ReverseLogix platform.

See how ReverseLogix customers
benefit from a data-driven returns process

See and Understand Your Data in Real-time

Advanced analytics and cutting-edge BI built into every ReverseLogix module and screen

Customize Reports for User Roles, Locations, Products and More

Control user access and put exactly the right data at each person’s fingertips

See the Big Picture or Drill Down

Easily manipulate data to dig down into specific problems, identify larger trends and discover ways to improve

Easy to Use by Everyone

ReverseLogix’s intuitive UI and useful dashboards make it easy to get work done, communicate across channels and always see the next right step for your business

Your business will benefit

Gain visibility into customer satisfaction and adapt and improve continuously

Eliminate business inefficiencies, optimize performance and identify new opportunities

Maximize your inventory ROI and see exactly where and how to improve

Stay competitive and get better reviews and repeat purchases from happier customers

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