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ReverseLogix is a centralized, cloud-based SaaS solution designed to fit every aspect of your after-sales care management. ReverseLogix empowers you with a web based, device independent, highly scalable and customizable platform, which can be integrated with any of your existing 3rd party logistics system.



Features that Run Your Reverse Logistics
All the features you need out of the box and ready to go
Returns Management
Our Returns Management module provides you the tools to give your consumer and business customers the service they have come to expect in the world of "immediate fulfillment".
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Repair Management
Repair activities are becoming more and more complex due to the demands of the "immediate fulfillment" culture. You need a platform that will allow you to quickly turn around repairables and
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RTV Management
One of the worst things to happen to your business is returned or unused inventory sitting around costing money when it could be returned to a vendor.

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Asset Management
The effective management and tracking of assets can simplify business process and reduce costs and in many cases is a legal requirement.

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Warehouse Management
The Warehouse Management software industry has struggled with omni-channel fulfillment and multiple warehouse purposes within the same facility.
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Shipping Management
The Shipping Management module is a transportation system for your Parcel, X-PArcel, LTL and FTL needs. It can be used independently or in concert with the rest of the ReverseLogix
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Yard Management
The movement of equipment and drivers into and out of your sensitive areas is an important management concern that is usually managed through spreadsheets or some
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Logistics BI
Visibility is one of the core values of value propositions of ReverseLogix. The platform is designed with a business intelligence everywhere philosophy.
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Endless Features that run your Business

Technology Benefits

The ReverseLogix platform is a cloud based solution which enables efficient implementation. This key feature of our business ensures that additional capacity is available as soon as it is needed, thus ensuring that the system is always working at its highest capacity.

We provide multi-tenant capabilities which allows for easy segregation of customer data. This allows OEMs, retailers, distributers, and repair and return centers to separately manage customers of multiple products without having to deploy multiple solutions.

Our dynamic routing configuration allows administrators to create customized fields that allows users to gather key information, set priorities, check statuses, and monitor workflows. This information is completely customizable to your businesses’ system for ultimate optimization.

Role-based user interface crafts tailored information to the needs of each user group such as technicians, operators, administrators, and customers. This customized UI experience will ensure better interaction and easy management of information for everyone.

Convenient mobile web interface to view and work on open jobs, access status, search the information base and process workflows. Mobile applications, whether for smart phones or tablets, can automate data entry processes, provide instant access to valuable information, and enable quicker response rates throughout the reverse logistics process.

A benefit of utilizing ReverseLogix software is that all the information is recorded and preserved to enable key analysis metrics to occur after orders have been completed. The reporting module gathers important trend analysis information from each completed job to help you improve your enterprise’s operations. MIS reporting is provided to ensure that your operations are running efficiently and helping you improve overall efficiency for all future jobs. Analysis can include information on different levels including individual part, technician, job, and issue analysis. Gather critical post sale service information to better fill the needs of your customers in all future projects. From general yield analysis to reporting for a custom symptom code employed by your enterprise, ReverseLogix can help you manage the entire system.

After sales care is an important part of any business, and like many core business functions it requires a dedicated system to manage it all. Yet, very few end to end solutions are currently available to ensure this service is being handled properly. With ReverseLogix, our customers receive a single end to end service that streamlines the after sales care process for increased levels of efficiency.

The ReverseLogix platform allows your company to reach across business units, regions, and languages with a single, unified solution. This solution is capable of managing large OEMs with global presence and high volume transactions. Our cloud based system ensures that the entire solution is accessible from any device, in any place.

By creating a one stop checkpoint for your customers, your business will simplify their interaction with the repair process. Services such as self-help modules, warranty check, and real time product tracking will keep your customers informed throughout the entire process. This increased customer service, especially as an after sale based service, will increase customer loyalty and bring customers back for all your new products.

One of the many advantages of using a cloud based system is that it allows for real-time status updates to avoid delays at any step of the care process. Any information input into the system, either by technicians, admins, or customers, becomes automatically available to all important members of the reverse logistics process.

We understand that providing great customer service does not end when the customer purchases the item but instead expands to any after sales services that might come up. We also understand that not every product can deal with reverse logistics in a simple solution but rather requires unique steps to ensure proper post sales handling. By taking advantage of the customizable nature of ReverseLogix, you can equip the program to do exactly what you need it to do rather than trying to fit your needs into a generic solution. With easy to use drag and drop features, customize the logic behind your after sales care to ensure all your enterprise needs are being met. Common needs that are met by our reverse logistics platform include, but are not limited to, signal setup, process flows, ERP connections, and courier setup. Using ReverseLogix also allows you to integrate and expand your current after sales services to increase success rates and data tracking after a job has been completed.

A key component to maintaining high business quality is allowing for constant visibility throughout the entire reverse logistics process. For businesses to provide top level service to their customers they must first ensure that all key personnel can access the correct information in a simple and timely manner. The use of an enterprise wide system focused primarily on reverse logistics will provide the desired increased visibility and real time data tracking needed to have the process run efficiently. Increased visibility over the entire process allows for quicker response times between employees, managers, and customers.

Our platform is setup to provide the majority of your reverse logistic needs right out of the box, significantly cutting down implementation time. This factor combined with our cloud based technology allows a fully integrated system to be ready for your company’s use in half the time of any other solution currently available. Furthermore, our rapid deployment allows the system to easily adapt to your needs as increased functionality becomes necessary to your business.

As your company grows, so does your customized ReverseLogix solution. Our development expertise allows your company to easily add new partners to the process as quickly as you do. Through a combination of cloud based system and an open architecture, your system will easily integrate with third party systems required to streamline all your reverse logistics needs.

Email and SMS integration is available between technicians, managers and end-customers to simplify communication. Increased communication will improve the overall process and ensure that the after sales care cycle is running at top form.