Why Reverse Logistics ? Why Now ?

The returns market is growing rapidly and customer expectations are evolving. You must deliver a good return experience every time customers interact with your brand.

good return experience
look at the statistics


Just look at the numbers.


$1.07 trillion in global merchandise returned in 2019.


An average of 8% of all retail products sold in stores are returned.


That number can be as high as 40% for ecommerce purchases.


89% of shoppers decide whether to buy from a retailer based on the return policy and past experience.


ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end, centralized and fully integrated returns management system (RMS) built specifically for retail, ecommerce, manufacturing and 3PL organizations.

Whether B2B, B2C or hybrid, the ReverseLogix platform facilitates, manages and reports on the entire returns lifecycle. Organizations that rely on ReverseLogix deliver a vastly superior customer returns experience, save employee time with faster workflows, and increase profits with 360⁰ insight into returns data.

CUSTOMER RETURN INITIATION Customers demand easy processing, access to labels, simple shipping options, and speedy returns processing to get a refund or exchange. Companies with advanced and streamlined returns processing can win customers for life.

RETURNS PROCESSING Companies must be able to accurately inspect and grade returned items to determine the best way to extract value and move products through the reverse logistics process quickly.

PRODUCT DISPOSITION Maximizing value for returns requires making the right decision. Should the returned product be restocked? Should it be repackaged? Can it be returned to the vendor? Will it need to be liquidated or scrapped? ReverseLogix helps standardize these decisions and speed up product disposition.