Why Reverse Logistics ? Why Now ?

The Returns market is growing rapidly, as well as customer expectations and customer culture for what constitutes a good return experience.

good return experience
look at the statistics


Just look at the statistics.


$624 Billion in merchandise returned in 2018.


An average of 8% of all retail products sold are returned.


That numbers goes up to 30% in the eCommerce world.


89% of shoppers will buy or not buy based on return policy and experience.

B2C / B2B Returns
Customer Return Initiation

They demand easy processing, access to labels, ability to ship easily, get credits fast. This is the time to win customers for life.

Returns Processing
Returns Processing

Accurate inspection and grading is needed to be able to properly and intelligently triage returned inventory and determine how to extract value.

Product Disposition

In order to maximize value the proper decision must be made. Should the returned product be re-stocked? Should it be re-packaged? Returned to Vendor? Liquidated? Scrapped?

Use ReverseLogix with your reverse business

Use ReverseLogix with your reverse business

Traditional supply chain systems and solutions may offer a process flow to complete a return at best, but are not designed to truly unlock value at each step. ReverseLogix is the technology platform to help you in each phase of reverse logistics.

ReverseLogix is the leading solution for returns management and is the choice of #1 brands globally across all industry segments.