Improving Customer Experience for
Online Returns

Have a returns experience that creates returning customers.

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Hassle-free Returns

Make every return a positive and seamless experience.

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Branded Returns Portal

Make returns initiation seamless with a fully brandable returns portal.

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Self-Service Returns

Provide total ease and visibility to customers.

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Easy Exchanges

Enable customers to immediately repurchase or exchange an item.

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Instant Crediting

Enable customers to immediately receive instant merchandise credit.

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Flexible Initiations

Start returns from your portal, customer service or in-store and manage from a single tool.

Customer Online Returns

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

15-25% better customer satisfaction on average.

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Enforce Consistent Returns

50% of businesses don’t have a formal policy to facilitate returns.

“We’ve seen a massive difference in giving customers the returns portal. They love how easy it is and how they can always see the status – and it costs so much less for us to manage.”

– ReverseLogix Customer

Returns Management Tracking System

A positive returns experience is the primary factor as to whether or not a customer purchases from a brand again. ReverseLogix enables you to provide world-class returns experience with branded, quick and easy returns that drive customer loyalty and repurchase rates. The ReverseLogix online return process is built with customer-centric features in mind, so you can improve your customer experience and learn from every return in real time. Save time and money with self-service returns, easy exchanges and instant crediting that makes the whole experience hassle-free for new and returning customers. Discover how ReverseLogix can help make customers and companies happier every step of the way.

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