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3 Ways to Make Returns Profitable for Your Business

Returned merchandise is one of the most difficult aspects of a business, and if it’s not managed well, it can seriously cut into your profits. This is especially true in an online shopping world, where you can expect to see significantly higher return rates than brick-and-mortar shopping stores. If you are struggling with a high

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How Your Customers Really Feel About Returns

You may have noticed that your consumers have gotten a lot more demanding in recent years, and it’s not surprise why. The internet and the ability to shop from virtually any retailer at any time of the day or night gives consumers even more choices than they ever had before. That’s great news for your

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Can Distributors Reduce Reverse Business Cycle Inefficiencies?

Distribution is an increasingly critical part of every logistics process, and distributors play a key role in ensuring that customers receive products on time. At the same time, there are important shifts in the market that can present opportunities for distributors to adapt and grow. One of those trends is the increase in reverse logistics