ReverseLogix Platform

Making Returns Management Work for You

Streamline returns processing, deepen operational efficiencies and reduce costs from returns with best-in-class reverse supply chain technology. Experience the better way to manage returns.

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Returns management data hub
Centralized Data Hub

Improve operational performance by unifying data across the returns lifecycle

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Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

Gain deep insight that enables you to streamline operations and inventory from each and every return

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Resource Management

Free up store employees and warehouse capacity for proactive sales and revenue growth

Returns management optimization
ROI Optimization

Minimize losses and drive repurchase rates

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Environmental Impact

Reduce number of shipments and increase sustainability

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Seamless Operational Efficiencies

Minimize labor challenges by streamlining returns processes, increasing automation and improving profits

Good Business Begins with Better End-to-End Returns Management

How returns are managed can be the difference between creating a happy, repeat customer or a negative review. ReverseLogix empowers you with an end-to-end reverse logistics management platform that helps you optimize the way returns work across your business. Become more efficient and standardize your processing. Use your resources more effectively and stay competitive. See at a glance what’s working and what’s not. Improve overall customer satisfaction. With ReverseLogix, it’s easy to get better.

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The ReverseLogix Differences

Customers love us because we deliver. We lead the market because our end-to-end returns management system is purpose-built to not only process returns but optimize the entire returns lifecycle. ReverseLogix ensures that nothing is left on the table, and that ROI and your customer loyalty is maximized with every return.

Unified Returns Management

Benefit from a unified returns management system that offers four available return methods, delivering total flexibility for how returns are initiated without complicating the backend.

Enhanced Returns Processing

Keep things moving and standardize decision-making from returns inspection. Improve efficiency and ensure products are effectively restocked, repaired and recommerced, every time.

Vendor Program Management

Ensure consistent product quality and improve customer satisfaction by increasing tracking visibility and processing transparency across your vendor ecosystem.

Robust Data Insights

Continuously learn from returns data and gain actionable insights to improve operations in real-time. Easily identify ways to save time and cut costs in meaningful ways without unnecessarily disrupting your current workflows.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Configure workflows to reflect priorities such as recycling or strict parameters for disposal. Return-to-vendor capabilities set rules for consolidating return shipments, saving on freight costs and transportation emissions.

How it Works

Returns management inspection


Quickly review a full list of all completed and incoming RMAs, then receive, inspect, grade, and put-away your returns efficiently with no manual work required to log items in your system. Everything is linked to the ReverseLogix portal so you can set up automatic notifications that keep customers informed at every step of the process.

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Optimize Warehouse Operations

Centralize operations to help facilities standardize analytics, reporting and processing across all locations, streamlining the entire reverse logistics process while eliminating inefficiencies and empowering your business with real-time data from your facilities around the globe.

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Turn discrepancies into opportunities by helping your team effectively manage returns without destroying customer confidence. Easily edit or put holds on RMAs while you resolve situations, and directly communicate with customers to keep them updated while you implement solutions.

Unify, Streamline and Manage
Your Ecosystem with ReverseLogix

Warehouse Management

Address and manage all of your end-to-end warehouse management needs

Warranty Management

Optimize your repairs and warranty process

Yard Management

Manage equipment, drivers, and process requests to enhance visibility

Asset Management

Coordinate and track assets to stay organized and plan for future needs

Shipping Management

Maximize the value of your shipping while reducing overall costs

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