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Creating a Frictionless Returns Process

Understanding the Cost of Returns for Digital Retail & eCommerce

A recent ReverseLogix study aggregating hundreds of interviews across 50+ large retail organizations has revealed that, for many online sellers, a Frictionless Returns Process is the clear missing piece in the ecommerce puzzle.

In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, rising overhead costs and disrupted supply chains are putting pressure on sellers to find margin without raising prices. This new dynamic has given retailers a new perspective on the out of control costs of their current returns process, along with urgency to find better ways to streamline their workflows to improve the customer experience and unlock more value across the entire return lifecycle.

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ReverseLogix Retail Industry eCommerce Returns Survey Report – 2022

Frictionless Returns Process Survey Report

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Product returns are a big pain point and costly problem for retail

80% filled circle


of retailers report costs from returns as “significant to severe” for their company.

30% filled circle

30% +

of online purchases end up as returns, with this rate fluctuating across categories.

Warehouse (30%) and labor costs (20%) are the biggest cost drivers of returns processing.


of respondents feel dissatisfied with their company’s returns processes.

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High returns costs affect the entire returns supply chain

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Data visibility is a frustration and challenge for ecommerce companies

Making Returns Frictionless and Efficient for Companies and Customers

An exciting finding of this report reveals that while retailers are frustrated with their returns they do know what needs to be done to make things better.

Refund their customers faster
Automate their
manual processes
Support multiple return channels

End-to-end returns management software
Built to optimize your returns process

ReverseLogix is the industry leader and gold standard in returns management, offering a comprehensive software system that connects the entire supply chain to help retailers streamline their returns processing and make frictionless returns a sustainable reality.

With ReverseLogix, retailers can gain control and a single source of truth about their returns:

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Purpose-built end-to-end returns management system
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Branded, self-service customer portal with multi-channel initiation
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Facilitates, manages, notifies and reports on returns with total visibility
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Powerful, configurable workflow automation to reduce manual processes
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Highly flexible to fit your specific processes and requirements
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Seamlessly integrates with any technology solution
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Data analytics and BI insights for a top-down and 360⁰ view of returns