3 Ways a Returns Portal for Your Company Can Make Life Easier

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Returns portals from ReverseLogix can make your whole returns process easier and more streamlined.

Few things in this world are a guarantee, but if you run an online retail store there is one thing you will definitely have to deal with: returned merchandise. In fact, customers return anywhere from 15 to 40% of the items they purchase online, far higher than the percent of items returned to brick-and-mortar stores (which is usually around 5 to 10%).

Since you cannot eliminate returns entirely, the best option is to streamline the process as much as you can to make it easier on your team to process returns, and easier on your customers to do business with you. A returns portal is the perfect solution. Here are three ways it makes life easier for your company.

1: Transparency

For your internal team, one of the most important things to have in the return process is full transparency and trackability. Where is the product right now, where is it going next, and what steps are required in between? The answers to these questions can be right in your reverse logistics SaaS platform with:

  • Fully automated workflows that push the product seamlessly through your process
  • Trackability from anyone with access to the system
  • Scannable labels that make it easy to update the information in real time

2: Customer Communications

In an on-demand economy your customers expect to know what is happening with their returns. A significant number of people worry about sending back items for a return because they are afraid it will get lost, leaving them without a refund and you as the vendor without a product for which to process a return. Updates about the status of a returned item, including trackable shipping information through your carrier of choice, allows customers to know that their return is being processed and handled as quickly as possible.

3: Branding Opportunity

If customers are going to return items anyway (and they are), you might as well use that interaction as another way to showcase your brand. The right returns portals can actually drive more sales with the ability to customize the messages your consumers will see. For example, you might send an automated update that you received a returned item, and include an ad about your upcoming seasonal sale with a direct link. That, along with your logo and brand information in each email, keeps your message and your company top of mind for the next time the customer needs something.

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