Dangers of Subpar Returns Management

Dangers of Subpar Returns Management

At ReverseLogix Logistics, our returns management services are designed to streamline your returns processes. Our returns management software handles many of the time-consuming areas that businesses often get bogged down in, and we help you stay on track with orders and returns no matter the time of year.

Without our services, what kinds of issues might your business run into while trying to manage its own reverse logistics? Let’s take a look at a few important areas that could heavily impact your bottom line.

Wasted Time

Retailers often deal with slow, manual workflows to process returns and exchanges. This often leads to long, back-and-forth email chains gathering information and instructions, and also involves inspecting returned goods. Many businesses spend 20 or more hours just approving return authorization forms – a process that could be completed much more quickly by our system.

In addition, manually refunding return costs can be a huge time waster – time that would be better spent on other areas of the business.

Inefficient Managing or Tracking

In many cases, trying to handle returns in-house can also lead to major issue with tracking and managing returned items. It can become very difficult to keep track of product assignments, or to place a product in the correct area of the warehouse. Many companies who handle these with outdated systems have trouble tracking the status of a returned item, and may simply be unable to stay up to date on all their different products in varying dispositions.

Records Issues

Finally, it can be very difficult to manage and analyze records of returns and customers. Many companies use sheets as simple as a Google Doc or an Excel workbook – these just aren’t powerful enough engines in many cases. You’ll see disconnects between your shopping platforms and your own returns process, and you may lack any sort of detailed information regarding why the product was returned – information that could prove vital for decreasing your return rate. The ability to identify costly trends in products and customer behavior is vital, but a bad returns management system limits you here.

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