Why Kitting & Consolidation Services are the Future of Retail

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Kitting and consolidation can improve efficiency, but it must be done strategically using the right software platform.

optimize your supply chainAs the prevalence of online shopping increases it’s important for retailers to maximize profits with efficient and streamlined logistics processes. The events of 2020 are likely to accelerate the trajectory toward more online shopping so retailers must be prepared. Kitting and consolidation services bring unfinished components together in a single place to assemble and ship.

Here are a few reasons kitting and consolidation services are an essential part of any retailer’s overall sales and logistics strategy.

1: Global supply chains

Supply chains today often include manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors from all over the world. You don’t want to send items to your end users and customers in pieces. Kitting and consolidation services can help you manage the flow of materials from multiple suppliers. From around the region, country, or world, you can bring it all together in a single, efficient workflow to get it out to your customers and end users.

2: Efficiency in manufacturing

Any company that requires assembly for a finished product can benefit from kitting and consolidation services. Using the right kitting and consolidation software platform will improve employee efficiency. It can also help you avoid bottlenecks in your distribution process. In addition, kitting and consolidation software can help you improve workflows and processes to further optimize your supply chain.

3: Space utilization

One of the most challenging parts of kitting and consolidation is workflow efficiency. The best way to improve that efficiency is by utilizing your warehouse space properly. Eliminate bottlenecks and wasted time as your employee pull products to put them all together. Use software to generate reports and visualize your process from start to finish. Utilize your space as efficiently as possible with the right platform.

4: Freight optimization

The final step in a kitting and consolidation process is to get the items out to your warehouse or to your end users. The right software platforms can help you reduce the total cost for freight and shipping by finding the best mail and distribution services for your products. It can help navigate common issues like:

  • USPS rules and regulations
  • Cost comparison for multiple carriers
  • Shipment tracking

Software programs for kitting and consolidation can help you manage the entire freight process more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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