ReverseLogix selected for NRF Innovation Lab!

NRF Innovation Lab 2022 poster

The National Retail Federation’s NRF 2022 event (“Retail’s Big Show”) brings together the retail industry’s boldest visionaries to tackle tough topics and forecast what’s next.

The Innovation Lab at NRF is an expo that showcases the most exciting applications in retail technology, as selected by the event committee. We’re thrilled to announce that ReverseLogix has been chosen to participate!

Stop by Booth #8 on Level 1 at NRF to see our returns management technology in action! We’ll have immersive, hands-on experiences to show how fast and easy you can manage product returns and gain business insight throughout the returns process.   

Leveraging a returns management platform keeps costs low and supports a more sustainable supply chain – this will be important as returns increase and become more complex. According to a report from the firm CBRE, online returns are projected to increase 13% year-over-year and be almost 46% higher than the previous five-year average.

The good news is that while labor, transportation and warehousing costs will undoubtedly rise, you can mitigate and address them with the ReverseLogix returns management platform.