Event Webinar

Recommerce Webinar

Recommerce & Returns Management: Turning Costs Into Opportunities

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
10am PDT

Recommerce, also called “resale” or “remarket,” is growing at a pace too quickly for eCommerce organizations to ignore. Driven by budget-conscious consumers who are paying closer attention to sustainable products and shopping experiences, recommerce is expected to grow to nearly $245B by 2025 (Statista).

How can a Returns Management System (RMS) help?

A recommerce program must have an RMS technology platform to serve as its foundation, one that allows you to set up your own secondary market operation. It’s essential for assessing item condition, accurately grading, and pricing returned items to efficiently recoup a higher percentage of the sale price.

What you will Learn
You’ll get a clear understanding of how RMS technology can help you jumpstart your recommerce program, including how to:

  • Integrate a composable, branded resale storefront with existing channels.
  • Generate additional profits while protecting your brand identity and customer loyalty.
  • Address shoppers’ sustainability concerns by extending the useful life of products and moving toward a circular economy.

Bonus Offer
Ready to launch your recommerce program? This checklist is for you! After the webinar all attendees will receive “5 Steps to Launching a Profitable Recommerce Program.” In it you will find the key information you need to build your recommerce operations.