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The Leading
SaaS Returns
Management System

ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end returns management system built for retailers, eCommerce brands, manufacturers and 3PLs. Whether B2B, B2C or hybrid, the ReverseLogix technology platform facilitates, manages and reports on the entire returns lifecycle.

We believe that returns should be simple. They shouldn’t be confusing or stand between your customers and the products they love. Our returns management system (RMS) takes the guesswork out of returns by capturing relevant data, automating workflows, and making your returns profitable.

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ReverseLogix Returns Managment Platform

Our robust policy and rules engine is configurable and changeable to meet your policies, claims rules, vendor entitlements and approval hierarchies.

Customize your own branded, intuitive portal for B2C or B2B customers to initiate returns, check the status of a return, and get notifications.

Use the highly configurable returns processing module with guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns.

Implementation is quick! In weeks, you can start saving money, gaining business intelligence and centralized data, and achieve total visibility into your returns lifecycle.

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ReverseLogix returns management software coordinates and streamlines every aspect of the returns journey, including recommerce and after-sales care management. It orchestrates the entire lifecycle of a return based on your specific needs and industry, while centralizing and analyzing relevant returns data from other supply chain software systems.

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Deliver an exceptional customer satisfaction that drives loyalty. Leverage new data to proactively address issues and spotlight where your operations shine. Get true visibility into the cost of your returns and key metrics that drive process improvements, productivity and sustainability.

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ReverseLogix RMS clicks into your existing tech stack. No need to rip and replace anything, and no need for a patchwork of systems! Automate and configure workflows by location, customer and product. Take advantage of our out-of-the-box integrations with leading eCommerce and POS systems. Set rules and policies for partners that standardize returns across your network.

Key Components of our
Returns Management Solution

  • Return Authorization & RMA (Return Merchandise
    Authorization) Process
  • Processing Returns & Workflow Management
  • Real-Time Data & Analytics
  • Return Policy Management Capabilities
  • Customizable Portal for Customers
  • Disposition Management
  • Easy Integration With Your Technology Stack
  • Prevent Return Fraud
  • Sustainable Returns & Recommerce Support
  • Automated Notifications

How Our Returns Management Software Helps You

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Branded Returns Management

Most customers check a return policy before making a first-time purchase. ReverseLogix is your rock-solid foundation for delivering on those customer promises with a beautifully branded returns portal, automated notifications, and return options specific to your needs. A return is a chance to showcase your brand and service – wow them!

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Simplify the Returns Process

Are you using many systems or even a WMS to manage returns? There’s a better way! ReverseLogix standardizes rules and policies across your locations, giving customers an easier, consistent experience. Employees love our automated workflows and visibility into expected return volumes. Staff up, streamline and simplify!

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Configurable Workflows

ReverseLogix workflows can be configured by location, customer and product – even sustainability goals such as recycling, reselling or repairing instead of landfilling. Return-to-vendor options set rules for consolidating return shipments, saving on freight costs and transportation emissions.

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APIs and Integrations

ReverseLogix integrates with key supply chain software, including OMS, WMS and TMS. Our out-of-the-box APIs and integrations connect your returns to world-class eCommerce and point-of-sale systems. Maximize the power of your RMS!

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Automated Notifications

ReverseLogix automates your branded notifications to keep B2C and B2B customers informed about their return’s status. Build trust and loyalty with an easy returns experience, while easing the repetitive workload of your customer service teams!

Who Our Returns Management System Helps

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B2C, B2B and hybrid eCommerce brands choose ReverseLogix returns management because of our software’s flexibility and our customers’ proven results. Offer flexible and self-serve return options for customers (including recommerce), measure the cost of returns to your bottom line, and automate workflows to keep employees efficient and customers delighted.

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The ReverseLogix RMS is built to handle 3PL complexity, fully integrating with other supply chain software to deliver a fast ROI (at a fraction of the cost of a WMS). Configure workflows and requirements for your business and your customers. Build specific workflows across warehouses and shipping locations. Offer return management services for your own customers, allowing them to outsource returns while giving you a new revenue stream.

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Process returns, return-to-vendor items, perform repairs and refurbishments, and complete put-aways all with ReverseLogix. Our RMS offers purpose-built manufacturing workflows for a faster returns process, standardized tasks and improved accuracy. We can even support your resale or recommerce program. Make B2B returns a breeze!

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Branded portals and automated notifications make returns easy for retail shoppers. Set up policies to retain revenue by incentivizing exchanges instead of returns, or to support a recommerce program. Our unmatched business intelligence reveals how to route returns for maximum profit while aligning returns with your sustainability priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of a returns management system?

A returns management system streamlines and automates the entire return lifecycle, from end to end. Unlike using a WMS for returns, an RMS is a single centralized platform for all returns tasks and a single source for all returns data and business intelligence. Read more about RMS benefits and examples.

How do I process product returns in ReverseLogix?

ReverseLogix offers highly configurable, guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns. Returns data informs your rules about disposition, including recommerce programs. Automated processes save significant time, while customizable policies ensure standardization across your locations or partner network. Get a deeper dive into how ReverseLogix works.

What metrics does ReverseLogix track?

We track a wide range of data related to product returns in your industry. A few examples include key metrics for process improvements, sustainability, productivity and cost. Go here to see more metrics we track. 

What types of product returns can ReverseLogix support?

ReverseLogix supports B2B or B2C product returns, or a hybrid model. Our RMS is purpose-built to serve retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, and 3PL enterprises.

How do you account for returns that have not been pre-authorized?

The ReverseLogix RMS will accept blind returns. Because we integrate with order management systems, ReverseLogix users can look up a blind return in order history, receive the return, and process it.

Can ReverseLogix help me address return fraud?

Yes. ReverseLogix gives you better control over how returns are verified, tracked and processed. In fact, one customer saved significant money after ReverseLogix revealed some returned items from a distributor were counterfeit. Learn more about preventing returns fraud.