Returns Management System (RMS)

ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end returns management system built for retailers, ecommerce, manufacturers and 3PLs.

Whether B2B, B2C or hybrid, the ReverseLogix platform facilitates, manages
and reports on the entire returns lifecycle.

  • Robust policy and rules engine configurable and changeable to meet your policies, claims rules, vendor entitlements and approval hierarchies.
  • A branded, intuitive portal for B2C or B2B customers to initiate returns, check status and get notifications.
  • Highly configurable returns processing module with guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns.
  • Quick implementation of 4-6 weeks and quick adoption, so you start saving money fast.
  • Business intelligence that centralizes data for total visibility into the returns lifecycle.



Returns Management System (RMS)

Returns management is one of the most critical aspects of doing business today. As a sales channel, ecommerce has been chipping away at brick-and-mortar business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales for years now. By industry estimates, 30% to 40% of all items ordered online are returned, versus just 8.9% of brick-and-mortar purchases. Millions of companies need to be able to process returns and don’t have the right tools to make it work.

With the right RMS in place, these companies can accommodate the workload while also improving their own profitability and customer service levels in a competitive marketplace.

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ReverseLogix provides your company with a complete returns management solution to address the issues inherent in the returns process. We didn’t just try to rework an existing supply chain solution in an attempt to manage the complexity associated with the returns process. We started from scratch, building software specifically to address every aspect of the returns management process for B2C and B2B e-commerce and retail brands and manufacturers.
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The need for customers to return merchandise to your store is not new. For years companies have been trying to find better ways to process returns. But with so much time spent on optimizing the forward logistics process, many companies neglect to find the right tools to optimize the reverse logistics process.

Businesses have spent a lot of time and money trying to build systems that can transfer information from your supplier relationships management (SRM) tool to your CRM and then to your RMS. The end result is a less-than-ideal system that doesn't make returns easy on you or your customers.

Companies in every industry have been trying to figure out the best way to make returns work by trying to fit them into existing systems instead of building something that is actually designed for returns. ReverseLogix is built for returns to allow you to optimize the reverse logistics process the same way you optimize your forward logistics.


ReverseLogix’s returns initiation module creates a direct connection between your company and your consumers. From the moment the customer pulls up your returns page online until the point where the product is resold, donated, or otherwise disposed of, both the customer and your team have a seamless experience.

The process begins when the consumer initiates a return on your website. They ship the product back and it arrives at the facility. ReverseLogix RMS manages all these steps automatically.

The RMS scans the items as your team receives them at the dock or other arrival point. They can open the boxes, verify the contents, inspect the items), and send them to the next step in the workflow. Each of these steps is tracked via the RMS platform.

ReverseLogix’s platform provides AI-enabled, real-time dashboards so everyone can see where the return is in that process. Once all the steps are complete, it will automatically initiate a credit or refund to the consumer, and help you get the product(s) back in stock quickly.

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Technology plays a key role in your ability to optimize your processes. You have added specialized tools over the years to handle CRM, online sales, and forward logistics, and now it’s time for a specialized tool for your reverse logistics process. The volume of returns is not slowing down—in fact, it’s only increasing as more customers shop online for everything from luxury goods to daily essentials. You need a tool that will help you mitigate the cost of returns and their impact on your bottom line.


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