Return On Behalf Of

ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end returns management system built for retailers, ecommerce, manufacturers and 3PLs.

Whether B2B, B2C or hybrid, the ReverseLogix platform facilitates, manages
and reports on the entire returns lifecycle.

  • Robust policy and rules engine configurable and changeable to meet your policies, claims rules, vendor entitlements and approval hierarchies.
  • A branded, intuitive portal for B2C or B2B customers to initiate returns, check status and get notifications.
  • Highly configurable returns processing module with guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns.
  • Quick implementation of 4-6 weeks and quick adoption, so you start saving money fast.
  • Business intelligence that centralizes data for total visibility into the returns lifecycle.



Return On Behalf Of

Companies that deal with physical products know how important it is to provide customers with plenty of options for returns. As the volume of online sales has grown, so have the number of returns. One of the biggest challenges that online retailers face is the ability to remain competitive with larger companies that offer convenient returns processes, including free shipping and free return shipping. While this may not be realistic for your business, there are ways you can make returns more convenient for your customers.


One of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction is with the option to return items purchased online or at your store. Multiple studies have revealed how critical it is to offer customers the option to return items. A 2018 survey by Walker Sands Communications revealed that 54% of customers would be more likely to make a purchase if a company offers free returns or exchanges, 62% said they “would buy again” from a retailer with those options, and 96% said they would shop again based on an “easy” or “very easy” returns policy.


Whether you already offer return shipping options, or you haven’t yet because the cost of individual shipping isn’t feasible, a return on behalf of (ROBO) strategy might be a better way to go. The ReverseLogix ROBO helps you set up a network of other retailers, merchandisers, and distributors as authorized return points. This offers convenience to your customers while helping you control the costs of shipping and managing returns.


Our ROBO platform allows you to add multiple entities as authorized return points, and they can all work from the same platform with customizable permissions and authorizations to allow each one to enter the appropriate information as returns come in. You manage it all from a centralized location, coordinating with retailers to ensure timely returns, simple refunds or exchanges for customers, and a better experience overall.

You can also customize the roles of specific links in your returns chain, providing a smoother experience and avoiding information overload by giving partners the pertinent information they need to complete their part of the returns process, without requiring them to navigate a maze of software tools that they will never use.


To get started with the ReverseLogix platform, find out more about how our ROBO platform can help you simplify the returns process, and create a stronger network of “Return on Behalf of” retailers, merchandisers, and distributors, contact us today for a demo.