Returns Forwarding

ReverseLogix is the only end-to-end returns management system built for retailers, ecommerce, manufacturers and 3PLs.

Whether B2B, B2C or hybrid, the ReverseLogix platform facilitates, manages
and reports on the entire returns lifecycle.

  • Robust policy and rules engine configurable and changeable to meet your policies, claims rules, vendor entitlements and approval hierarchies.
  • A branded, intuitive portal for B2C or B2B customers to initiate returns, check status and get notifications.
  • Highly configurable returns processing module with guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns.
  • Quick implementation of 4-6 weeks and quick adoption, so you start saving money fast.
  • Business intelligence that centralizes data for total visibility into the returns lifecycle.



Returns Forwarding

Returns are rarely a retailer’s favorite part of the job, but in a world that is quickly becoming an online-first shopping environment, they are essential to bring in new customers and build trust and loyalty. As the rate of returns increases—in brick-and-mortar retailers it hovers around 10%, while online shopping return rates are generally much higher at 30% to 40%—it’s essential for businesses of all sizes to have the right tools in place to manage returns.

The returns forwarding software available from ReverseLogix makes it easy to ship, track, and notify your customers about their returns to keep them informed and engaged throughout the process. The software can also verify the order and authorize the return, then generate a return label/ QR code and track the package back to your facility.


After a customer initiates a return, the first step is to get the product from the customer’s home back to your warehouse, store, or other retail facility. Making the shipping process simple and streamlined can build customer confidence in your brand and simplify the returns process once the product arrives back at your facility.

The returns forwarding portal from ReverseLogix provides more choices to your customers to allow them to select the vendor and method for returns that works best, rather than forcing them to use specific carriers. It also allows them to easily schedule pickups or print labels and drop off packages at a nearby drop box or shipping location.


Once the package is in the mail, both you and your customers can easily track it to the destination. This helps alleviate customer anxiety about returns getting lost in the mail—a concern that about 30% of customers reported in a 2018 survey. The tracking features in the ReverseLogix platform include automatic notifications and simple tracking links to help everyone see where the item is and when it will arrive.

You can also use tracking tools and notifications to drive repeat business, offering special promotions and deals, as well as encouraging customers to sign up for notifications, emails, and text messages to further drive conversions and sales. All the information to track returns is located on a beautifully branded page, so customers never have to leave your site to go to a third-party shipping carrier’s website.


Long-term relationships and customer loyalty start with trust. Automated notifications through the ReverseLogix platform about the status of a return can help you build trust and engage consumers, encouraging them to make more future purchases following a positive returns experience.

Communicating regularly at every step of the process—picked up, in transit, received, and processed—can help inspire confidence in the process and keep your brand top-of-mind with convenient and helpful updates. Everything is automated so it won’t take up your staff’s valuable time and they can move forward processing the return as quickly as possible.


Don’t miss the chance to make a good impression and build long-term trust and loyalty with your customers. See how returns forwarding software can help your business grow.