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The Challenges and Opportunities for Optimized Returns Management

A survey commissioned by ReverseLogix found that, while companies use a wide range of strategies for managing returns, they face similar challenges and opportunities.

Of the companies surveyed for the report, all were in B2B or hybrid B2B/B2C industries. Most don’t have visibility into the true cost of returns management or the impact to their bottom line. While most want better automation to make returns processing faster, only about a quarter use automation technology. Companies that outsource returns management to a 3PL partner cite cost savings and a lack of in-house expertise as the main drivers for that decision.

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2023 Reverse Logistics Technology Study

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Survey Highlights

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of respondents process their own
product returns

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use a 3PL partner for returns services: Those that use 3PLs value the resource and cost-efficiencies, and cite their own lack of expertise in returns management

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use automation in their returns

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have a standard by which they advise customers not to return unwanted items

77% don’t know what product returns cost their company

The most common challenges for returns management include: The time to process returns, the labor required to complete returns, and the ability to resell a return efficiently

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ReverseLogix: Purpose-Built to Manage the Full Lifecycle of Complex Product Returns

ReverseLogix offers the industry’s only end-to-end returns management system purpose-built for B2B, B2C and hybrid operations. It integrates smoothly into your supply chain tech stack, unlocking unprecedented automation for faster returns management, along with data insights that make returns and resales more profitable.

How much could a returns management system save you?

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Create rules and workflows that streamline manual tasks. Automatically approve straightforward returns and ensure policy rules are consistently enforced.

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Get a single platform for reviewing, tracking and managing returns. Leverage ReverseLogix across your locations and vendor/partner networks.

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Recommerce & Resale

Lower costs, gain new revenue streams, and meet sustainability goals with a profitable recommerce program. It’s a win-win for you and for customers.

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Data & Insights

Total visibility across the entire returns journey. Track returns at the category or SKU level. Get actionable data that uncovers opportunities faster and resolves issues quicker.

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