The NetSuite Cloud ERP software is a premier choice to create great shopping experiences for customers on your website. But when it comes to returns management and reverse logistics, you need the ReverseLogix integration. This combination ensures that every transaction and every customer—from the moment they purchase until the final resolution after a return—is completely taken care of and that your customers have a great shopping and returns experience if necessary.

Returns are a reality for an eCommerce business, but that doesn’t mean they have to be difficult for your team. A ReverseLogix and NetSuite integration:

This year more people will be shopping online, which means retailers can expect more returns.
  • Supports your retail and wholesale eCommerce sites
  • Creates a seamless integration so you don’t have to manage external platforms, you can do it all within NetSuite
  • Is ready for use without extensive implementation or installations, just connect it right out of the box
  • Minimizes the need for manual or duplicate data entry and eliminates data entry errors between two systems
  • Automatically syncs customer and transaction information for every purchase so returns are simple and straightforward if/when they are necessary
  • Comes with extensive analytics and reporting capabilities to understand what’s happening with your returns so you can improve and reduce costs in the future


ReverseLogix is the best choice to integrate with NetSuite for complete returns management. Our intuitive reverse logistics platform makes it easy to coordinate your front-end sales from your eCommerce site with back-end returns for a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.