Returns Management System for SAP

SAP eCommerce solutions are designed for a seamless customer experience on the back end of your online store. Companies use SAP to facilitate everything from a product search to order placement, payment processing, and delivery. The use of SAP helps connect the customer experience on the front end—for both B2B and B2C companies—to your experience on the back end. When it’s done right, your customers won’t even know SAP exists, and your team won’t really think much about it either.

With all the focus on the original sale, SAP software doesn’t focus on reverse logistics and returns and has only limited functionality. To truly get advanced returns management in SAP you need a reverse logistics software platform like ReverseLogix. Our SAP reverse logistics integration can help you with everything from basic returns to advanced return to vendor processes.

This year more people will be shopping online, which means retailers can expect more returns.

ReverseLogix offers SAP users:

  • Fully branded shopping experience, including the cart, checkout, and payment processing during eCommerce sales
  • Automated email delivery information
  • Solutions to customize communication with consumers after a sale
  • Scalable and expandable solution to grow with your company as your sales increase
  • Turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP on the back end


In addition, ReverseLogix offers a completely customizable suite of reporting tools to help you manage your entire purchase return process and reverse logistics in SAP. That includes a return to vendor processes for B2B companies that need the same reporting and tracking capabilities.

Learn more about how you can get advanced returns management in SAP by adding ReverseLogix. Schedule a demo to talk to us today.