Manufacturing is a balance that requires the highest level of logistics coordination for both forward and reverse logistics. Without full visibility into your entire logistics processes, you risk running out of materials, carrying too little or too much stock, and incurring extra expenses that deplete your cash flow at critical times. ReverseLogix software is designed to provide manufacturers with the tools you need to manage inventory flow and ensure smooth operations.


Reducing Logistics Costs

Logistics are one of the biggest costs for your manufacturing facility, and without the proper tools, you are probably spending too much. The right software tools can help you manage every part of your logistics process and optimize both people and processes to reduce overall costs. ReverseLogix is a turnkey solution that can be customized based on your needs to manage one part of your operations or coordinate your entire manufacturing logistics process.

Managing Reverse Logistics in Manufacturing

Many people think of reverse logistics and returns as an issue that only retailers have to deal with, but manufacturers can also struggle with coordinating and optimizing the reverse logistics chain. With ReverseLogix, you get the tools you need to:

  • Perform repairs on products or parts that you sell to a third-party retailer or directly to the consumer that are defective
  • Refurbish products that are returned because they don’t work properly
  • Accepting return to vendor (RTV) items that are defective or your retail partners cannot use

Streamlining Inventory Rotation and Management

Another critical part of manufacturing success is proper inventory management. As your operation grows, the old ways of dealing with inventory on spreadsheets (or worse, simply trying to remember what you have in stock for sale) can be a significant drag on your bottom line. Properly rotating your inventory, identifying slow-moving or fast-selling items so you can adjust parts orders, and shifting your resources to manufacture and sell more of the items that are in high demand are essential for your success.

We help you manage everything related to manufacturing logistics, inventory, and storage. Our simple software tools automate many of the tasks that are wasting time for you and your team members. This frees you up to focus on more important tasks like growing your business and managing your team. Our inventory portal provides:

  • Accurate inventory item lists to know what is on hand at all times
  • Inventory location tools to find exactly what you need when you need it
  • Space and utilization layout tools to help you optimize the flow of materials in and out of your warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and minimize unnecessary costs for space you don’t need
  • Automation tools like barcodes to eliminate multiple touchpoints along the manufacturing line
  • Picking optimization to reduce the time it takes for people to get the items they need for manufacturing products or parts

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