Common Shopify Returns Issues

Common Shopify Returns Issues

Last time in this space, we went over some of the very basic costs of Shopify returns to your business. These kinds of e-commerce returns, which are making up a bigger and bigger part of return volume every year, have to be managed properly if you want to stay in the black as a business.

At ReverseLogix, we can help. Our returns management services are second to none, including for important areas like Shopify returns. Today, we’ll go over some of the most common problems with returns processes for companies that don’t use an RMA application like ours – and how our pros can help you avoid these issues.

Time Wasting

The first and often largest process-related issue for many Shopify returns is the time these returns take to process and manage correctly. Many businesses are still dealing with slow, manual workflow processes, even for online returns like these, and this can be a major hindrance.

For instance, some companies have big issues with communication – it takes them weeks to communicate with customers and get return instructions and information. Many businesses also struggle with the time it takes to inspect returned items, plus may have a bogged-down authorization process that takes nearly 24 hours in some cases. Finally, some businesses will not have an automated refund process in place, forcing them to do this manually.

Record Management

Without the proper records management from our app or one like it, managing records of returns will be very difficult. There are often big differences between Shopify’s return platform and your own process, and you may struggle to learn why products were returned or develop trends that help improve future performance. It’s not just the return itself that’s important – it’s finding out why the return took place and how you can limit this kind of thing in the future.

Tracking Returned Items

Another big inefficiency often exposed by Shopify returns is tracking returned items. This involves great warehouse management, with products assigned to the proper disposition and then tracked continuously until it’s re-shipped. Any kinks in this system can lead to major delays and big returns issues.

For more on how our experts can help you avoid these kinds of issues, or to learn more about any of our reverse logistics services, speak to the pros at ReverseLogix today.