Unlock Dollars From Your Returns

Increase customer ratings with Industry Leading SaaS Reverse Logistics Platform

Reverse Logistics Automated Platform

Reverse Logistics Automated Platform

Reduce your logistics headaches with ReverseLogix, the leading SaaS technology for returns management and full-service reverse logistics provider.

Our reverse logistics technology, reduces costs and enhances your customer experience. Leveraging our reverse logistics technology helps increase inventory recovery and visibility in your reverse logistics life-cycle.

The basic systems and processes of yesterday can no longer accommodate industry demands. Our centralized returns management platform will unlock value at each step of the entire reverse logistics operation.

ReverseLogix For Your Business


Customer Experience. Easy Returns. Brand Loyalty. ReverseLogix is rooted in eCommerce. Our technology solutions and architecture were developed with eCommerce in mind.Retailers


Omni-Channel Returns. Inventory Management. RTV. ReverseLogix delivers a standardized returns management platform designed specifically for retailers with the ability to handle global requirements.


End-to-End Platform. Automated Validations. Visibility. ReverseLogix has the knowhow to service complex reverse logistics requirements. We work with some of the leading manufacturing brands globally.


Value Added Services. Warehousing Activities. Multiple Customers. ReverseLogix can work with you to diversify your service offering and provide out-of-box solutions to quickly onboard customers with reverse logistics needs.

Technology Platform

ReverseLogix offers a centralized, SaaS platform designed to fit every aspect of your returns and after-sales care management. ReverseLogix empowers you with an easy-to-use web based platform to manage the entire life-cycle of your returns, initiation to processing, repairs management to final disposition and everything in between.

B2C / B2B Returns

ReverseLogix offers an out-of-box web-based portal enabling your direct customer or partner to initiate a return or repair request

Returns Processing

When items arrive back to your facility ReverseLogix enables your operator to easily receive, inspect and grade.


In and out of warranty repair workflows can be configured and managed within ReverseLogix.


We track items throughout their entire lifecycle from start to finish. ReverseLogix analytics engine is highly flexible.

Use ReverseLogix To Run Your Reverse Business

Transform your Reverse Business into a modern recovery center and a strategic differentiator.

ReverseLogix seamlessly integrates with your existing Enterprise applications providing you an out-of-box Returns Management Platform.

We share our logistics and supply chain expertise in our reverse management platform, helping you reduce inefficiencies and increase the recovery of your entire reverse operations.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

ReverseLogix leads in reverse logistics with a demonstrated track record. We have staked our reputation on the results we have achieved for our clients and partners. The largest retailers and manufacturers in the world trust ReverseLogix to manage their returns operations.

world’s leading brands